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Free Copy of No Roads Lead to Rome by R.S. Gompertz

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R.S. Gompertz first novel, No Roads Lead to Rome, is now available as an e-book...


...for a limited time (offer ends Monday July 05) he is offering it for free to our members!!!


If you are interested, visit Smashbooks (free registration at their site) click "add to car"t and then enter the code HY82D (not case sensitive) at checkout for your free download.


The download is then available in formats like, HTML, PDF, MOBI (for Kindle) and many more...


A quixotic saga steeped in humor and history, "No Roads Lead to Rome" chronicles the clumsy schemes of the new governor and his shadowy advisor, a superstitious centurion's struggle to save his faith in the faded ideals of the Republic, and a Jewish rebel's reluctant vow to change the course of history. All are pitted against the Gods, the Emperor Hadrian, and the decline and fall of damn near everything. Mysteriously promoted, a senator

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R.S. Gompertz, the author here, logged in under the name of one of my characters.


I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions, accepting undeserved praise, and dodging any well-earned scorn you'd care to heap on me.


Enjoy my book!



Visit My Site


Friend me on facebook!

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