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Win a copy of Gladiator: Rome's Bloody Spectacle

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We are very excited to announce that Osprey Publishing is giving away two copies of Gladiator: Rome's Bloody Spectacle by Konstantin Nossov!

If you would like to win, reply to newsletter@unrv.com that you'd like to enter the lucky draw and don't forget to include your shipping address!!


Premium members have an exclusive extra chance to get a third copy that will be signed by the author Konstantin Nossov!


Two winners will be chosen randomly from all replies, and the author signed copy from all premium members entries, deadline is the 21th of October 2010. The winner will be notified by e-mail.


About the Book:

This is a big glossy book full of great pictures, artist's impressions, archaeological evidence and a good glossary at the back translating all the Latin gladiatorial terms. The author cites his sources throughout the book and these can also be found at the back in the notes section. Gladiator is an extremely informative and well written account of the phenomenon that whipped the Roman world into a frenzy for the better part of seven centuries. This book is a detailed account of everything related to the ultra violent world of the premier sporting event and icons of the ancient world...

you can read our full review here.


About the Author:

Konstantin Nossov is from Moscow and is a researcher in and advisor on ancient and medieval arms, armour and warfare, as well as the author of numerous books and articles on the subject. This book was originally published in Russian in 2005 but has thankfully been translated into English.

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