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1) Be courteous


2) Debate is encouraged. Argument and flaming is not. Support your own opinions. Do not attack the opinions of others without making your own case clear. We also generally do not encourage single line posts without some 'meat' within the posts. (This is topic dependent of course and generally relates to historical discussions.) For example rather than say just 'Caesar was the greatest general', post 'Caesar was the greatest because he conquered a unified Gaul, crossed the Rhine, invaded Britain, defeated an equally great Roman army, brought Egypt completely under Roman dominance' etc, etc.


2a) Do not require proof of established consensus history. Obviously there are many items open to debate, but if you bring an unestablished opinion here, you must attempt to prove it before making an unsupported statement and requiring others to prove you wrong. (This goes along with general debate courtesy)


3) Try to keep subject matter in the appropriate forum. Keeping the forum tidy encourages people who are interested in particular subjects to post in those categories, or to ignore threads they aren't interested in.


4) Be language sensitive. We have posters from all over the world, many of whom don't use English as their primary language. Let's encourage proper English, but also give people the benefit of the doubt if some posts seem a bit difficult to understand. However, excessive internet lingo, various forms of 'leet' speak and general grammar/spelling laziness are highly discouraged and can be deleted/ridiculed without notification.


5) Be tolerant. The Romans viewed many people of all walks of life to be of lesser cultural standing, but rarely cared about ethnicity or skin color. Even religions of all types (with the notable exceptions of Christianity, depending on the era, and Judaism depending on Imperial regime) were widely accepted. However, don't be politcally correct just for the sake of it. Sometimes we must be a little more clear in order to illustrate a point. If something is offensive we will deal with it appropriately, but we don't want to censor any more than necessary for the health of the forum.


6) There are also teachers, students and people of all walks of life who read this forum countless times from various search engine results. Let's keep the 'colorful language' to a minimum and present ourselves with intelligent, open and inviting conversation.


We at UNRV, of course, can arbitrarily decide to ban or suspend a poster, delete or edit threads or posts, at any given time. We hope thats a very minimal occurence.


Welcome and Enjoy.

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Mod's note: Inflammatory language and childish insults will be deleted. If you have a problem with one of the mods, please message them in private. Or at least post thoughtful and well-worded critique in the "suggestions and feedback" forum. Thank you.

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Addendum: All posts touching contemporary politics would best be made in the "afterhours" forum. If a post on Ancient Rome or related areas starts evolving into a commentary on modern politics, it would be best to make a new thread in the afterhours forum.

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