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Vibius Tiberius Costa

Just a little idea

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Just what i thought was a good idea for the site


I always find when I'm here that I post lists of questions in almost bullet point style. I was wondering if it would be possible to perhaps have a permanent topic or even subforum where everybodys easy to answer bullet point style questions could be accumulated.


Example, if i asked (which i have) where the dagger is placed on the body of a typical roman soldier? hopefully there is one answer (the direct front i believe) Then the question and answer would be posted or added to an existing post by a moderator to the topic


I know the info is on the site somewhere and most definitely the internet, but if i could search a whole topic just for my small batch of questions quickly and efficiently it might ease the traffic or stop repetition or even not waste some peoples time.


One disadvantage of this is of course that spurrious debate cannot arise from trivial things.

Its a half-idea maybe worth a thought.




ps if it were a forum or in a specific existing forum each topic could be reserved for similar or subjected questions

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