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    A bunch of general questions

    Bam! I'm back to those who thought I was gone. Anyway, more importantly I have a lot of questions for the ol' book. I'll number and break them up because there are quite a few. If anyone can answer thanks in advance. 153bc Senate s1. I have my own leading fictitious-ish senators but who do you think were the leading senators/orators in 153 bc - onwards say 4 years s2. Who were the leading generals and what was their popularity within the senate and with the masses (metellus, scipio and mummius interest me here) s3. The number of senators at this point is it 200ish s4. The general consensus of the senate, arguing aside this is a strong period would it be to push forth in terms of the wars s5. The senate's opinions of Carthage change I know in the coming years but as of early 153 what is the feel s6. Is Rome rich? s7. As this senatehouse is pre fires/destruction etc. was it different to the current one did they sit on stone arcs with the two consuls sitting centrally (I currently have made my own style but it does read like modern politics a bit) People in Rome p1. General views are always hard to say but along with the generals and senators aforementioned do we know of particularly fashionable Gods, curses and clothing. p2. Is one area of Rome a little dodgy, I know the majority lived in Aventine but perhaps it is documented the Oppian hill has troubles p3. Can I assume everything Is bartered no ticket prices p4. Can a few read/write p5. Do senators live in the lesser regions still. p6. Would it be fair to assume some people have never left the city p7. Is Hannibal still a big talking point amongst the people (senate too) Legion l1. Were you paid in arrears monthly or some specific way l2. Did/could you buy your equipment from the legion smithy l3. Were fancy engravings common on armour or was most extremely similar l4. Once levied did you have time to go home and pick up your things l5. If levied in Rome were you trained en route to destination. As recruits did you stay in legionary contubernium tents while en route l6. Were there barracks at most major cities for troops. l7. Was chainmail a luxury Miscellaneous m1. Beards and long hair, I'm under the impression both are frowned upon, beards are to Gallic and barbarian and long hair to Greek, yes? m2. Were there well documented popular wines - Vesuvian, Sicilian m3. Were there higher alcohol level drink available like fortified wines, mead, non-grape m4. Do we know what the curse-words or phrases beyond our usual ones are eg. Gods Below, Jupiter's Beard rather than cac m5. Could I nickname someone by turning there name from Antonius to Antonio, Anto etc. (to many -ius' make it hard sometimes for readers to differentiate) m6. The majority of slaves would have been from what nationalities m7. Like Venus was sort of the symbol of the Julii, did the rest of the families have a defining symbol or stamp, like Octavian's sphinx I've got stacks more but its 2am, they'll have to wait Thanks again vtc
  2. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Tenting arrangements

    Okay from memory its 4 in a tent 8 to a contubernum i was wondering how a tent would really be laid out, a minor question i know. Would the 4 or 8 be in each corner? Would the shields and gear be propped outside or inside at the soldiers feet perhaps? Feet to feet or head to head. Would there be anything inside the tent tent? I know I can just ram 'em in anywhere, anyhow but guidance would be great. as usual a levied army at about 150bc vtc
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    Tenting arrangements

    Absolutely fantastic stuff caldrail, I shall construct from there TY vtc
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    Just a little idea

    Just what i thought was a good idea for the site I always find when I'm here that I post lists of questions in almost bullet point style. I was wondering if it would be possible to perhaps have a permanent topic or even subforum where everybodys easy to answer bullet point style questions could be accumulated. Example, if i asked (which i have) where the dagger is placed on the body of a typical roman soldier? hopefully there is one answer (the direct front i believe) Then the question and answer would be posted or added to an existing post by a moderator to the topic I know the info is on the site somewhere and most definitely the internet, but if i could search a whole topic just for my small batch of questions quickly and efficiently it might ease the traffic or stop repetition or even not waste some peoples time. One disadvantage of this is of course that spurrious debate cannot arise from trivial things. Its a half-idea maybe worth a thought. vtc ps if it were a forum or in a specific existing forum each topic could be reserved for similar or subjected questions
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    110.7 kilograms = 244.051724 pounds

    Hi Viggen You might remember me, I've just read your past few extracts and in my opinion you are doing great, its a state of mind not body that you shoudl watch out for. I cannot preach on losing weight but I can on battling past the mental walls. This place is as good as any for moral support. vtc
  6. The most important thing to know about me is I'm on here because you guys are great and help immensely with my book.

    It is set in roughly 155ish bc and is loosely trying to be historically accurate. Most of my questions are about my book so it might be worth remembering that.

    Anyway see you on the forum.


  7. Only really 2 other 'history's for me and its the 2nd and 3rd crusades, especially Salah ad-dins battles at Jerusalem and Arsuf and the whole arc of Richard the lionhearted. and Carthages birth and the 3rd punic war vtc
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    Odd Musical Tastes

    I don't know about odd but I like a huge range of music, I love my rock and radio rock/pop as my staple but i have swathes of jazz, orchestral, operatic and for a 20-ish yo lots of 60s 70s and 80s rock. vtc
  9. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Joining a legion

    Probably my dimmest question yet. But I need to be 95% sure. How does one join a legion? Super-exact details What boundaries are there so not just any old riff-raff can get in (treat me like I know nothing about patricians and land-owning classes etc.)? What do you need to join a legion? - how much does that cost, cann someone break t down into amounts per 'unit' type? Was there a standard entrance rank or could you be entered higher depending on your class or the influence of your relatives/friends? Where were you trained? how? with what, were there practicing swords? If it applies I 'm specifically asking about early 2nd bc. If there have been previous threads I apologise but ask for the link please so i can check it out. vtc
  10. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Hello again everybody

    Indeed, you are correct the book pretty much fell away in importance around about the same time i stopped reguarly visiting here. Now I'm back though, so is the book vtc
  11. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Hello again everybody

    Believe it or not I am back and have many more questions to ask and maybe answer this time around. Hopefully a few people rember me from 2006 (wow time flies). Anyway nice to be back vtc
  12. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Ironic nationality battles

    As far as ironic how about King Richard the Lionhearted (compeletely French couldn't speak a single word of English) battles his French brother for the crown of England, in between crusading for the Pope who has no idea who Richard belongs to alongside Austrians who he is also at war with, and he warred with France too if I remember, this was an essay i wrote 6 years ago so i would research most of that but i'm pretty sure its all true just check if this is for something serious. vtc
  13. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Top ten Roman Atrocities?

    I would think (as this is my era) that the sacking of Corinth in 146 should be there. -Every man to the sword -Every woman and child to slavery -Then set fire to the place Lucius Mummius got 'a medal' (cognomen) for it too. I know it was war but the battle was won, I am still trying to see the motive of the sacking maybe that needs a new topic. I might put the slavery thing as a whole in as well, vtc
  14. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Caesar: Hero Or Villain

    What a split in opinion here, I am amazed. In my opinion to get into that elite bracket reserved for heroes you need to be doing your cause for morally, socially and fundamental good and not for personal gain. This is where for me Caesar drifts out of being a hero, a conqueror will always be hated by many, a liberator loved. He was a conqueror and tactician on both sides of battle and is a true great in history. A villain, he is not. He did not seem to have an agenda against a race like the typical villains we know, it was more of a conquest for power. If I had a choice over the two: Hero vtc
  15. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Onety Zero

    I'm back. I expect nobody knew i was missing but nevermind. Well I'm at uni and its been approximately two years since i have even touched my book but after battling depression and uni in equal measures I'm ready to get back into the full flow of writing. As ever the blog will be for casual readers who are interested in my goings on, both book related and life. Meanwhile the usual list of questions will inevitably hit the forum. I might start posting galleries of art i draw and the stuff i get up to too. Heres a little section of my book i thought I'd post, criticisms and advice muchly appreciated as i don't quite like the way this section reads A distressed woman of about forty with dishevelled hair was being held up by the arms by a legionary. She flailed and writhed, bawling herself senseless, until finally she broke free and ran at the crowd that had gathered by her villa
  16. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Roman Band Name

    Hey everyone, few probably remember me vtc now. I should be back for a while at least. Anyway me and a mate or two (depends) have been a band for almost a year now and done several gigs but we still have no name, I thought maybe a latin name or roman/romanised name would be cool. If it helps: I don't really mind how many words or syllables but I prefer stuff like - the some-thing(s) or some-thing 2-3 syllables would be great. We are a acoustic band mainly using the acoustic and bass guitars with vocals. Covers of coldplay, linkin park, switchfoot, lostprophets etc etc My name is spoon if that is an aid Well good luck, every contribution will be appreciated to the max TY in advance! vtc ps nephele i'm staring at you, surely your good for a thousand names. pps soz if thiss topic has already been done.
  17. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Roman Band Name

    While waiting for better options from Neph and other UNRV members, what about "Veritas Victrix"? Thats cool, translates something like 'truth the victor' correct me if i'm wrong never took latin. I'll have to run it by the lads but keep em coming. TY vtc
  18. My title is a bit vague, I am specifically talking about the early to middle years of the republican army. I'm still a bit vague but hopefully you will all understand. p.s. If someone else has posted something like this i'm sorry
  19. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Questions again

    Couple of bumps in my road I have to smooth out. Did crucifixion occur in 150-ish bc ? Were there any areas of Rome renowned for their squalor/ underworld nature? Was playing a musical instrument acceptable? which ones? What could a travelling soldier take with him apart from his military equipment and how? Also, does soemone know how a wine-making villa was arranged. Like a floor-plan. i can't find any good descriptions or pictures. Any Information will be much appreciated and thanks in advance vtc
  20. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Questions again

    Indeed it was, maybe this NICE LINK may help you. Please show us your Art ASAP. Ummm... Well i could show you my art if you really want. It is JP Vieira who does the best art on this site, maybe you're thinking of him. I am writing a novel not illustrating. However thanks for link. Thank to PP too. I have acquired a book with the info about winery-villas in just a few minutes ago. But the link will still prove to be useful. vtc
  21. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    UNRV Clothing Line

    Ooh what about UNRV official figurines. Like Ursus bears and Primus Pilus action dolls. vtc
  22. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Lucius Mummius Achaicus

    Was Mummius really as whacko as cicero writes was he politiaccly pressured to destroy Corinth or was he just another roman loony just interested vtc
  23. Vibius Tiberius Costa


    Ok here is one section picked at random by my calculator from my book. I would love feedback, usually i keep everything to do with my writing very close to me but whatever. A bit of background, my lead has escaped his room on the day of a fictitious (I Think) festival (In March - if anyone knows the real name of a festival sometime in march that has something to do with the god Mars I would be very grateful.) Shrines and temples were filled with boisterous men cheering and jeering as animals were sacrificed. Vibius glimpsed the tavern, it was alive with energy. The noise drew Vibius in with a smile igniting his face. The tavern was bursting with life. Men from all backgrounds were merrily chanting or drinking. A Roman soldier and a peasant sat side by side gulping from two large urns, both were sloshing the red liquid about them. Tables and chairs spilt out onto the road - all full with men. A thick tree bough was standing in an iron bracket above the doorway. Crowned with flames, it illuminated most of the outside along with the table candles. It wept shards of flame into the air as it flickered orange light onto the cheerful faces below. Vibius walked inside, out of the chilling night air and into the warmth. An armoured soldier walked by with a grey faced man muttering to himself incoherently. The soldier placed him by the door and he fell asleep instantly, still muttering with a toothless smile on his lips. The soldier let out a deep laugh and turned back inside. A seat was free at the counter and Vibius sat himself down admiring the armour. It was well made and looked good but he doubted it would hold up to a really powerful lunge. Vibius looked away as he thought of what his father would say about the armour and even worse, what he was doing. "Vibius yer turned up, I thought yer weren't goin' to come? 'Ave a free drink lad." Said the friendly tavern keeper handing Vibius a drink with a gnarled hand. It is an alright section, it also shows how little i really know about Rome nad how unspecific I am. Any tips, pointers, ideas, criticisms, Roman information, facts, criticisms or (unlikely) praise I will happily reply and aknowledge. If anything I would prefer you to pick holes in it and tear it apart witha cynical eye. Negative feedback to me is worth gold. I'll explain some other time. I hope you enjoyed, or not. vtc
  24. Vibius Tiberius Costa

    Communicating Question

    Usual period (150-ish bc) How could an illiterate but rich-ish (if it matters) plebeian communicate with someone many miles away? Were letters or papers or scrolls available for plebeians? was there a postal service? could a messenger deliver certain speech? vtc
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    A little suggestion

    Hello team probably one for moonlapse, on the blog page (which is great) you click the blog you wish to read then to go back to the larger forum page you get confused and eventually click on the smaller link at the top. My suggestion is why not have like in the rest of the site something like Blogs - "Whoevers" Blog insteasd of just "Whoevers" Blog, I don't need a link back to where I am Where 'Blogs' is a link back to the main blog page from which to choose. just an idea. TY vtc