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The Calix Imperium - Roma Victrix Beaker

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The Calix Imperium - Drink like an emperor!

Have you noticed that a drink tastes better when it matches what you are drinking it from? Instant coffee seems natural enough in a plastic disposable cup, but its practically sacrilege to drink Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee that way. Likewise, to be fully appreciated, fine whisky and wines need a correspondingly fine drinking vessel. In our household this philosophy has led to the death of much expensive crystal , since alcohol and fragile glassware are not an ideal combination. Beaker Base Well, an outfit called Calix Imperium has sent me the answer. Calix is the Latin for "cup", from which we get the English "chalice". While the Greek kylix from which the word ultimately derives was a broad, shallow pottery vessel, the Calix Imperium offering is tall, deep, and made of sturdy pewter....


...read the full review of The Calix Imperium - Drink like an emperor!




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