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Spartacus: WotD - Portrayal of Caesar?

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I love this controversial cable series in all and am still entertained enough by this "War of the Damned" series that I'll keep viewing, despite it's odd forays into historical fantasy upon occasion, but what the heck has happened to the character of Julius Caesar? He is more like Gannicus than Gannicus!

He is [in this] blonde, muscular and handsome, which I assume from the classical sources that Caesar was perhaps none of those, but instead maybe slight, dark-haired and balding, hence the famous laurel 'tiara'? Also I understand Caesar was quite stern and serious, like the portrayal of Octavian in 'Rome'? I may well be completely incorrect though.

Also, why is he featured here in the slave revolt of Spartacus at all - when he most likely wasn't even in Italy/Sicily at the time, but held as a valued prisoner by Aegean Pirates?

I notice there was no mention of Caesar's rumoured affair with King Nicomedes of Bithynia, the epithet of which "Queen of Bithynia" was levelled at him throughout his career and sung by his troops, whose campaign [in this series] he had just returned from?

Great show, but Caesar's visual and character portrayal is putting me off.

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I was so hoping someone would bring this up. I was baffled as well and thought they just added Julius for kicks or it was "some guy" who happened to be named Julius Ceasar. I had heard on a documentary  that Julius Ceaser was indeed part of the army that hunted down Spartacus.  Thanks for your info, as it makes more sense to me.

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Hi Crispina


Yes on second thoughts, Julius was in Italy at the time, but why portray him as they have?

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