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  1. Crispina

    What Ancient Greek Olympians ate

    You find the most interesting topics!
  2. Crispina

    King Tut’s mask Intended for woman

    Tombs were built with a left hand turn for a male. Tut's tomb has a right hand turn Never heard of this before, interesting. Thanks.
  3. Crispina

    What did the ancient Romans eat?

    I binged watched The Supersizers videos one year. I remember the Roman one. Hilarious. Love Sue Perkins.
  4. I don't quite understand. Was the stone part of a wall or did it stand alone at the edge of the city?
  5. Crispina

    King Tut’s mask Intended for woman

    I've always believed this to be true.
  6. Crispina

    Pompeii Dining exhibit in San Francisco

    Oh how interesting. I wonder if the exhibit will tour beyond San Francisco, like the Cleveland Museum in Cleveland Ohio perhaps?? Wishful thinking. Thanks for sharing. I've never seen the passing out of bread fresco online anywhere before.
  7. Too late for me. My teeth, what I have left, are nothing to brag about. : ) Altho a change in diet wouldn't hurt at all, mainly sugars. ugh.
  8. Crispina

    Missing posters

    I have been thinking of two posters, Nephele and Sam. I've forgotten Sam's forum name, but he was a guide at Hadrian's wall in England. Nephele would give us our Roman names. I suppose they went to Facebook? I don't do FB. Just curious as to how they are doing, esp. during this pandemic.
  9. I would very much like to visit this site. I bet the museum contains wonderful items. One of the sub articles listed mentioned a "furry dog" remains. That was incredible to read and see the photo of the patch of fur.
  10. Crispina

    Appian Way bike ride

    I enjoyed that VERY much. In addition to the closed captions, click on "full screen" to really put yourself in the bicycle seat! Just imagine those stones of the road surviving to this day. I do wonder about what looks like piles of rubble/brick every so often - were they also tombs and monuments? And I'm assuming urns with ashes were deposited inside the walls?? I feel the Prowalk tours are well done. I repeat myself, but I spent four or five hours in Pompeii via a Prowalk tour and also was it six hours touring the city of Rome? ha I remember I had my supper on a tray in front of the computer during that one. Thank you for sharing this. The Sicily and Positano Evening Walk tours also look enticing.
  11. Crispina

    Greek Fire

    I never realized this was a real thing. Only on Game of Thrones, did I see this. LOL Very interesting. Thanks for sharing it.
  12. Crispina

    Movie, "Julius Ceasar"

    I happened across this on YouTube and found it quite good. The acting is well done, the sets, the pace.
  13. Crispina

    Missing posters

    I just haven't seen anything I feel qualified to comment upon Ha, sounds like me. All I can say is I find everything so interesting and "thanks for posting". Which I really AM thankful. 😊
  14. Crispina

    Daily life: Dog and wine

    Love it.
  15. I never knew the Romans invaded Arabia. Will watch later, thanks for posting.
  16. Crispina

    Roman houses still inhabited

    That is amazing.
  17. Crispina

    Colosseum Floor Continues

    I can only imagine even more throngs of tourists! (if I could, I'd be one of them)
  18. Makes me wonder why mosaic walls aren't found during excavations. Or are there? Perhaps the workmen didn't have a reliable medium to adhere them vertically. Seems they should have tho with their knowledge of cement.
  19. Crispina

    Hot-air balloon in the Egyptian city of Luxor

    We did a Nile cruise, but not on a big ship. Most amazing was watching the sunset from the boat. One second the sun was above the horizon, the next it literally dropped out of sight. OT: Also a small group of us elected to take a bus trip across the desert to Abu Simbel, four hours each way. The stars in the night sky.....never saw stars like that before and will probably never again.
  20. Crispina

    Hot-air balloon in the Egyptian city of Luxor

    Never been in a hot air balloon, too many accident stories keep me away. However, I agree to the right person it would be a breath taking adventure. Perhaps better than being kidnapped by a camel driver and held for ransom as I was when I visited the pyramids. Well, sort of. The camel ride was part of the tour. The part where my camel driver led me away from the group and then demanded bakeesh or he wouldn't let me off wasn't. I paid the man. Back on the bus I may not have been the only one. The guide asked if anyone had paid their camel driver "extra" for any reason. I kept silent because I was embarrassed! No one else raised their hand either. 🤐
  21. Crispina

    Podcast on Roman eye care

    Enjoyed it. Now I need to find photos of ancient Roman "eye stamps". ETA: I found this: https://www.ypsyork.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/News-34-Roman-eye-medicine-box.pdf
  22. Crispina

    Reassessing Egyptian Queen Nefertiti

    Thank you for the article with further info. Very interesting.
  23. Crispina

    Reassessing Egyptian Queen Nefertiti

    I have never read any of this information before. The sculptor's actual studio was found with portrait heads? How exciting. Thank you so much. ETA: I would love to visit The Egyptian Museum of Berlin. Have you been there?