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England's World Empire Fatally Wounded by The Inglorious Revolutio

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I've been pondering what caused the collapse of the English Empire during the cold war, and came to a very simple conclusion..... England built up its momentum towards world empire during the North American colonial era, but through some very poor political thinking, as well as one sided zealotry resulting in the Glorious Revolution, in that moment killed off the main strengths the imperoal machine possessed: the legitimacy of king and parliament, the importance of Catholics as co-equals, and as a extention, the right of all subjects of the crown born outside the empire, free at birth, to remain Englishmen.


The three strikes ensured a perpetual animosity between the Irish and the English, which resulted in mix loyalties..... one to the true king over the waters, or to a upsurping, self gratifying parliment that did not represent any self respecting Irishman's interests. Given the huge catholic population immigrating out of the British Isles, and not just the 'Scots Irish' stereotype, to its most important colonies, and the pattern of colonial, overseas disenfranchisement effected from having to put down overseas revolts in Ireland still supporting the real government..... both protestant and catholics felt equally threatened by a more inhumane and alien crown. The colonies were of mix revolutionary heritage..... some accepted it with pride and heritage, others rejected it...... but both were denied its laurels and benifits.


You fast foreward, the illegentament movement, centered around the upsurper crown and rebel parliament lost the cream of its colonial stock, where much of its most british population was destined to be born in future years not under the Union Jack, but under the Anti-British Stars and Stripes. Ireland likewise left during the early twentieth century, unimpressed with the British Empire and its heathen kings. Even Hindu-Islamic India jumped ship, Gandhi noting that Hindus had no future in achieving position in the empire.


Had the Americans stayed, Africa and India would of had much more red on the maps at a earlier stage. British china would of been bigger. Napoleon would never of raised above corporal because the French revolution never would of occured in the manner it did, minus the precedent of the American, and England would of had a much larger recruiting pool to pull upon.


Even if the world wars had happened, England would of had direct access to americsn recruits, materials, and taxes early on.


The fact is, it didn't, hence why the british empire isn't around anymore. The added layer of irony, the zealot religion that turned brother against brother in the empire, the angelican church, is dying off alongside of english nationalism and historic role in the world. You look at America, its the opposite, still a vigorous nation capable of ideals and destiny, willing to lock horns with the problems of today and tomorrow.


An added insult, many in England are calling for the abolition of the monarchy, the people of England proper lack a local parliment like the rest of the UK has, all the while the lineage of the king over the waters is stable and secure.


The Glorious Revolution was the worst defeat the British ever experienced, as well as the most lasting and costly. As the English swirl down the drain towards extinction, gripping frantically at Socialism, Atheism, and Anti-Papism, outsiders in the free world must as themselves one question: Will the future Caliph of the British Isles learn from the mistakes of his predecessors in avoiding the march to a self inflicted oblivion, or will he and his people strive to live a better life, and learn from the mistakes of those forgotten people who once inhabited the Islamic Isles of the North? I hope America can develop as strong relations with the English Caliph as Saudi Arabia's king.

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I've been pondering what caused the collapse of the English Empire during the cold war

World War Two.


The British had brought in a great many commonwealth troops who returned with considerable self esteem and desire to see independence, plus Britain was economically knackered and unable to invest in colonial administration, or for that matter, colonial subjugation, plus the world was changing and since political movements inspired and supported by the communist bloc were struggling toward independence - not always for the benefit of their people - there were forces acting on Britain it could not contain. The post-war situation regarding the United Nations and the supremacy of America in victorious democracy also contributed - Britain could not justiofy appearing as an aggressor or colonial conqueror any more.

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