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Legio XVII: Roman Legion at War

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File Name: Legio XVII: Roman Legion at War

File Submitter: Viggen

File Submitted: 29 Aug 2014

File Category: Historic Novels


Legio XVII: Roman Legion at War [15% pdf sample] by Thomas A Timmes

Historical fiction, written by a 28 year U.S. Army veteran, follows Rome’s Legio XVII from its creation to final battle and puts you in the minds of Praetor Manius Tullus and his Centurions as they plan and fight their way across Northern Italy and Austria. Praetor Tullus, a survivor of Cannae, recruits, trains and leads Legio XVII on a 30-month independent expedition to face battle-hardened Gallic and Germanic tribes. Meanwhile, in southern Italy, 23 Roman Legions battle Hannibal in a desperate struggle for the survival of Rome.


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