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Antalya restaurant serving up ancient Roman dishes

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..next time you travel to Turkey... :)


The dishes of the Roman era are being served at a restaurant opened in Antalya by a Japanese academic who was inspired by the Galen of Pergamon in preparing the popular dishes. Peckish for the fare that graced the tables of caesars, legionaries or your normal plebeian? Then look no further than a new restaurant in Antalya started by a Japanese academic who serves dishes from the Roman era.

“Foods like olive oil, fish, fish oil and watercress were used intensely 2,000 years ago. The dishes in the restaurant are generally from the Roman-era kitchen,” said Kaoti Goto, a professor at Japan’s Gunma University Anatomy and Genetics Department.

Yemek Doktoru (Galenus Farm), to provide the tastes of two millennia ago after reading about the story of Dr. Galen of Pergamon.


via Hurriyet


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