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New History Books (March 2015)

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Is the Caligula book a new one or a reprint? I seem to recall reading Barrett on Caligula before


You recall correct that this is a second edition


In the thirty years since publication of the original Caligula there

have been considerable scholarly advances in what we know about this emperor

specifically, and also about the general period in which he functioned, while newly

discovered inscriptions and major archaeological projects have necessitated a

rethinking of many of our earlier conclusions about early imperial history. This

new edition constitutes a major revision and, in places, a major rewriting, of the

original text. Maintaining the reader-friendly structure and organisation

of its predecessor, it embodies the latest discoveries and the latest thinking,

seeking to make more lucid and comprehensible those aspects of the reign

that are particularly daunting to the non-specialist. Like the original, this revised

Caligula is intended to satisfy the requirements of the scholarly community while

appealing to a broad and general readership.

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