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Mid 5th century currency

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Hi all:


I'm making some final edits in my manuscript and I have a slave auction where an aristocratic heroine buys (via her liaison) a young mother and her 10 year old son. I know the solidus was used at this time, but someone has suggested to me that the denarii would have been used.  I started the bid at 50 solidi with it being countered at increments of 3 or 5.  I've ended it with a showdown between heroine and competitor with a final drastic offer of 65 solidii and seven ounces of silver by the heroine.


Does anyone familiar with Late Antiquity currency know if this would be correct for a pair?  I've been told that pre-pubescent children were premium.  Should I be using Solidii or Denarii?


I'm striving for the most accuracy I can.  I think I'm thinking of the Solidus like we refer to the dollar or pound.  Not sure how to view Denarii.


Any insight is appreciated.



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