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The statue of Livia was sold for 640.000 dollar!

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The statue of the empress Livia was sold last week at an auction for 640.000 dollar! Pretty impressive piece. Does anyone know where and when this statue was found?



The Stowe Sale; Christie, Manson and Woods, London, 3 October 1848 (thirty-sixth day), lot 18, 'Agrippina, as the Muse of History'; sold to Mr A. Robertson Esq., Surrey. A. Robertson 'appears to have been acting for the Earl of Lonsdale of Lowther Castle' (B. Cassidy, 'Gavin Hamilton, Thomas Pitt and Statues for Stowe', The Burlington Magazine, vol. 146, no. 1221, p.808 note 27).
Earl of Lonsdale, Lowther Castle, Cumbria.
Lowther Castle, near Penrith, Cumberland. The major part of the Earl of Lonsdale's collection; Maple & Co. Ltd, 30 April 1947, lot 2284, 'Agrippina'.
Private collection, Cumbria, acquired in 1957 from Lowther Castle; and thence by descent to the present owner.



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