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The Fall of Nero

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For those of you who think Nero is unbelievably glam (whilst recognising he had some faults) you might enjoy my Hist fic novel Palatine




It begins in 68AD and covers the fall of Nero and it's immediate effects.

I've had some very nice endorsements from the likes of David Wishart, Ruth Downie and Robert Fabbri.


Book two Galba's Men is out in October and I'm currently up to my eyes in editing book three Otho's Regret.post-5021-0-05346700-1440773016_thumb.jpgpost-5021-0-05346700-1440773016_thumb.jpg

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Awesome!  I actually just finished a historical novel that embraces most of Nero's reign.  I'll admit I took the more traditional route and painted him as a villain, albeit one who initially showed great promise and eventually descends into madness and tyranny.  I'd love to read yours as well.  PM me if you'd like to do a review swap sometime.

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I think Nero is quite fascinating.

My Nero is casually cruel. He's someone who can do whatever he likes, so he does. He's also surrounded by people who tell him whatever he wants to hear.

But readers have told me they find themselves routing for him even though they know they shouldn't.



I think the historical Nero suffers from being the last of a dynasty. Augustus probably killed way more people but he is a canny politician,,he has longevity and he has successors to sing his praises.

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