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caesar novus

Pompeii finally managed effectively?

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Multiple sources claim the chronic mismanagement of Pompeii is decisively on the mend https://www.instagram.com/p/BDySvFexQ1V/ and I include their new 148 page pdf Pompeii Excavation guide with great maps, photos, and writeups http://pompeiisites.org/allegati/A%20Guide%20to%20the%20Pompeii%20Excavations(1).pdf
It looks wonderful if you have a vertical format tablet or rotatable laptop. Now I must go into hiding, because:

It is strictly forbidden to
distribute this leaflet if
no regular permit has
been issued by the Board
of Cultural Heritage of

(maybe you have seen the practice around there of folks selling originally free maps and brochures)

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Herculeum revival too? http://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/apr/19/roman-high-street-reopens-visitors



By 2001, when the Herculaneum Conservation Project (HCP) was launched, the partially excavated site was in a pitiful condition: two-thirds of its area was closed to visitors for reasons of either safety or conservation.


By the end of next year the HCP hopes to have reduced that proportion by half.



The HCP was set up by a US non-profit foundation, the Packard Humanities Institute, and also involves the local office of Italy's heritage ministry and the British School at Rome. Wallace-Hadrill, the project's director, said its success is largely due to an emphasis on unglamorous maintenance, inter-disciplinary co-ordination and "low-cost, sustainable, practical solutions".



happened upon a magnificently decorated ceiling, with all the Roman craftsmanship still intact, and what Wallace-Hadrill called an "unspeakable amount of human waste which has given us a fascinating insight into the ancient Roman diet".


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