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E. I.Smith

What was the most famous Roman legion?

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Legio I Maximiana Thebanorum is the most famous Roman Legion because it is the only Roman Legion to produce a venerated Saint. This Saint, Saint Maurice, a Christian, was martyred, along with his entire Legion, by decimation, in 297, by Roman Emperor Maximian. The reason for these executions was because St. Maurice and his Legion disobeyed direct orders from Rome to slaughter local Swiss Christians while the Legion was on assignment in the Swiss Alps region. St. Maurice was first venerated for his actions circa 926. He is venerated in Oriental Orthodoxy, Coptic Orthodoxy, the Catholic Church, and the Eastern Orthodox Church. He is the patron saint of Holy Roman Emperors and infantrymen among other things.

See the link below for Renaissance-era artwork depicting St. Maurice.

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Caesar's Tenth Legion.  It's found in his memoirs and is therefore far more famous than any other!

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