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Missing Roman Roads Revealed by Drought in Wales

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Roman forts, roads, military camps and villas have been identified by a new analysis of aerial photographs taken in the 2018 heatwave across Wales.

Scorched crop marks uncovered about 200 ancient sites during the drought.

Experts say the Roman finds are key pieces in the jigsaw to understand how Wales was conquered and dominated 2,000 years ago.

Researcher Toby Driver said the discoveries "turn everything we know about the Romans on its head".

The aerial investigator for the Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales said the new research published in the journal Britannia showed the "Roman military machine coming to rural Wales".

In Monmouthshire, the researchers have identified a new "marching camp" at a site near Caerwent.



Here's an interesting older video describing the laser technique that makes 3D terrain maps that can examine the underlying terrain beneath the vegetation. This information was put on an open data website, allowing students of ancient Roman history to discover long-forgotten Roman roads and encampments in Wales and the rest of Britain. 



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