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Maurice, Saint Of The Infantry

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"Here is the story of the passion of the holly Martyrs who have made

Aguanum illustrious with their blood. It is in honour of this heroic

martyrdom that we narrate with our pen the order of events as it came

to our ears. We often hear, do we not, a particular locality or city

is held in high honour because of one single martyr who died there,

and quite rightly, because in each case the saint gave his precious

soul to the most high God. How much more should this sacred place,

Aguanum, be reverenced, where so many thousands of martyrs have been

slain, with the sword, for the sake of Christ."


Saint Eucher, the bishop of Lyons 5th century AD









``Emperor, we are your soldiers but also the soldiers of the true God.

We owe you military service and obedience, but we cannot renounce Him

who is our Creator and Master, and also yours even though you reject Him.

In all things which are not against His law, we most willingly obey you,

as we have done hitherto. We readily oppose your enemies whoever they

are, but we cannot stain our hands with the blood of innocent people

(Christians). We have taken an oath to God before we took one to you,

you cannot place any confidence in our second oath if we violate the

other (the first). You commanded us to execute Christians, behold we are

such. We confess God the Father the creator of all things and His Son

Jesus Christ, God. We have seen our comrades slain with the sword, we do

not weep for them but rather rejoice at their honour. Neither this, nor

any other provocation have tempted us to revolt. Behold, we have arms in

our hands, but we do not resist, because we would rather die innocent

than live by any sin.''

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