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Favonius Cornelius

Quirinus, Deified Romulus

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The origins of this old Roman deity are not certain. He was originally worshipped by the Sabines who were a local Latin people who lived on the Quirinal (Quirinalis) hill north east of Rome, which was named after their greatest god Quirinus. Later as Rome expanded and included this hill as the seven of Rome Quirinus became one of the most important gods of state along with Mars and Jupiter. He is usually depicted as a bearded man wearing clothes that suggest religious and military influence. His wife was Hora, sacred plant the myrtle, and his festival the Quirinalia celebrated on February 17th. Later he became associated with Romulus.


My guess is he was just the major deity of the Sabines, and in Roman fashion he was adopted as Rome included the Sabines later. Since his origin was so old, later Romans assumed he was deified Romulus, since the latest Caesars were being deified why not also the founding father of Rome?


Another excellent essay on Quirinus:




Bk XIV:805-828 The deification of Romulus


'Tatius died, and you, Romulus, gave orders equally to both peoples. Mars, removing his helmet, addressed the father of gods and men in these words:

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