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I promised a quick update re. the BAFTA awards. As we expected, 'Rome' could not fight off the competition. Jimmy McGovern's excellent series 'The Street' proved far too strong and was, in my opinion, a very worthy winner. I guess money and sets were not enough after all.


How much awards (if any) did it win Augusta?


None. It was only nominated in the main category for Best Series, and I think one of the craft awards for costume or something.


However - a rider to this. For those of you who loved 'Rome' and feel affronted that it didn't win, don't worry - BAFTA plumbed the depths by not awarding the prize for Best Serial to 'Cranford', which has been one of the best things on British TV in decades - take my word for it. Instead it was beaten into second place by 'Britz' a serial about muslims living in Britain. Yeah - that's what I thought too. There were lots of lovely young Brit/Muslim terrorist lads in the programme too. When it was announced as the winner there was a palpable hush in the audience for about 30 seconds before the applause started!


Rome came third in its category, apparently - behind 'The Street' (trust me that is excellent) and 'Life on Mars'.

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