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  1. Quite! Do any of us care? Find me the ashes of Augustus and I might get excited....
  2. The Augusta

    Wimbledon 2009

    I feel I have to congratulate Roger Federer for winning yet another epic final to take the Wimbledon crown - 16-14 in the final set against Andy Roddick. I was rooting for Roddick - I love Federer, but I feel he has had enough cracks at the whip and I wanted Roddick to win, especially after the 2004 final between them when Roger totally trounced him. However, having said that, Roger Federer is such a likeable man, and such a fantastic player, that I was happy to see him prevail in the end. I was disappointed to learn that Rafa Nadal had pulled out of this year's Wimbledon, and said then that Roger would win it - no problem. But Andy Roddick did us proud. Our American cousins should be very proud of him. And yet another Wimbledon championship when the men's competition was far more enjoyable than the women's. Please - no more Williams girls. I am becoming very very bored - and I am a tennis fan of some 30 years or so! The prospect of years of Venus versus Serena finals is a very bleak one.
  3. The Augusta


    Wow, Albert! Can I commission an Augustus? Fantastic work - really. You've brought them to life. Incredible talent.
  4. The Augusta

    United States: 2

    Hehe - I love it! I have always had a penchant for Claudio Gentile - the Juventus/Azzurri defender who made damned sure that if he got a yellow card, the other fella went off on a stretcher! They're all pussies today.
  5. The Augusta

    United States: 2

    OK - me and the rest of England are confused! The 'Red Devils' has just ONE connotation here - and believe me, they are far from third rate, gods curse 'em! I knew there was a reason I liked you Formosus. A fellow tifosa here.
  6. The Augusta

    United States: 2

    Did Spain put out their reserves? No offence, but.....
  7. The Augusta

    Sinister Romans

    As far as modern examples of training a lefty to be a righty goes - may I mention violinists? Now think about it. Imagine a left-handed chap in the first violins in an orchestra - ouch, my eye! As for antiquity - Ingsoc beat me to it about Tiberius. We do have Suetonius' 'evidence' for that. He must have thought it worth mentioning.
  8. The Augusta

    Need help!! How do you remove cat pee odor?

    Nooooo, you ruined it! Actually, a little birdy told me that I'm quite wrong and that no spambots have been harmed in the making of this thread. This topic seemingly has dark and mysterious domestic roots. Fear the unknown! ...and now back to your regularly scheduled tangent into cat urine ... I think I need clarification on all these cryptic comments! What is a spambot? Are we being wound up? (Not hard to do with me...) Word of warning to any future jokers - The Augusta takes animals seriously, especially little fluffy feline thingies and huge big predatory feline thingies, so you will always get her to bite.... However, take advantage of her good nature and you may just learn why her favourite animal is a tiger Seriously - has this thread been a joke? Just shows you how preoccupied I am these days....
  9. The Augusta

    Which edition of Plutarch?

    The Penguin Classics, translated by Ian Scott Kilvert (The Makers of Rome) and Rex Warner (The Fall of the Roman Republic) are still on my shelves, and I've never found the need to go elsewhere. Others may have other opinions, of course. Both are still available from Amazon. These do include his parallel 'Lives' with Greek counterparts to the Roman statesmen. They are cheap, readily available and reliable. I'd go for these.
  10. The Augusta


    Wot - I don't think you need us anymore. You are answering your own question. You make some wonderful points in your last post. I also think Maty's response was wonderful, but I think you'll agree that we are all offering avenues in which you can expand the simple question posed in that practice exam paper. So, there you are - it wasn't such a limiting question after all, was it? And for our Ursus - yes - all arts-based students waffle in exams. Some of us have had Firsts for waffling I remember waffling for two hours about Marcus Agrippa's policy in the East back in 1985. What the examiners were looking for was proof that the student had researched the topic - what he or she had to say about it was immaterial. What mattered was that he/she backed up everything with examples from primary and secondary source material. To Wot - your question about what an arts-based student is: the simplest way I can put it is that the science-based student would not think laterally around the question. The arts-based person, trained in constructing an argument and using the text/historical facts - whatever - fit that argument, is a different kettle of fish. The Arts subjects are always open to individual interpretation - I hope Maty agrees with me here. I would include history as an Arts-based subject, although some people may disagree. Let's call it Humanities. Even so, you are always free to expound your own theory - providing you back this up with the evidence. If you believe that Augustus was a transvestite, you can say so - as long as you give evidence that supports this claim (this is an extreme example, but I'm sure you'll see where I'm coming from) Unlike our sainted Maty, it is a little while since I was in the world of Academia in a full-time capacity, but I'm sure the theme still fits. Put it this way - you could approach the exam question in many different ways, but the essential thing is that you construct your essay in such a cast-iron manner that you 'prove' your argument by using examples from the sources. With such an 'open-ended' question as 'What an artist dies in me', I think you are free to set out your theme in the opening paragraph, and this can focus on whatever you like, as it is up to you to interpret that statement in whatever way you like. For example, are we to take it literallly? If so, discuss Nero's position in the world of the Arts. Are we to interpret it as Suetonius' words? If so, let's examine this particular account, and so on. But I'm preaching to the converted. You are clearly an exceptional student (we all know that already) so I'm sure your Nero paper will be a credit to you.
  11. The Augusta


    I would write down: Dear doctor, You didn't take composing this test very seriously. Therefore, I choose not to answer very seriously. Yours, ------ Ah, no, Ursus - I have to disagree with you here, as one used to 'arty' professors setting questions. The question is amazingly open-ended - see my reply to Wot above. You see this comes from an Arts based person who is used to digging into the most prosaic statements. I once had - in an English Lit module 'Discuss Keats' theme of transience'. 'Twas easy - choose his four Great Odes in which his theme consistently returns to the ephemeral nature of life and nature and use them to illustrate your argument. Hehe - perhaps it's just me. Arts based papers can be notoriously 'vague' but so are Arts based students....
  12. The Augusta


    Quite frankly, Wot, this question invites you to discuss the traditional picture we have of Nero (I'm sure you will read this as I do). The 'dying quote' thus stands for the rather negative summing up of the Princeps' life and administration as we have inherited it from the sources. So, as I would read it (and my pen is already itching to scrawl...) you have total licence to discuss the traditional account and compare it favourably/unfavourably with other evidence you have researched. What's the most famous 'myth' we have of Nero - he 'fiddled while Rome burned'. We all know its nonsense, but this is what the quote is doing. You've already done a bit of digging for yourself by questioning the translation. You're on the right lines. I think PP and me are in the same camp here, with this one. Good luck.
  13. The Augusta

    Need help!! How do you remove cat pee odor?

    I'll answer you seriously, Charlie, even if these jokers won't Who let this Formosus on the Forum? (Only joking, Formosus - you're a breath of fresh air). Well, Charlie, you just have to scrub. Plenty of hot water and use a normal household cleaner like Flash, perhaps with a tiny, tiny drop of bleach too, or an antibacterial like Dettol. After that, when dry, spray with Febreeze or some other odour buster. You haven't said, however, if your cat is male or female and whether or not he/she is spayed or neutred. If you are living with an entire Tom cat (unneutred male) then you have a big problem. But I guess if your cat is old you are being treated to that ammonia-type smell. It will go eventually if you scrub and spray. But a visit to the vet is in order too. Pussums do not wee indiscriminately unless they are poorly pussums and unable to control their bladders. Get your cat checked out for any signs of kidney failure, because peeing all over the house is, I'm afraid, one of the early warning signs. Good luck. (As for Ursus - he should know better than to poke fun, and should be setting an example to all new members. I think I might complain. )
  14. The Augusta

    Semi's tickets

    I am clearly out of step with the news here - which bunch of multinational mercenaries was playing which, and what was the result? Just the Champions League final and FC Barcelona beating Manchester United 2-0 And some of us are cock-a-hoop!! Don't get me wrong - I loathe the bull-murderers as much as anyone (apols to our Spanish members, but Grip should have finished off the Cantabrian campaign (25BC) in true Roman style) but I have been spared the smug faces of the Mancs for yet another year - and we all know they only won last year because JT slipped! When will the media who have orgasms over this bloody team realise they are quite, quite ordinary when compared to the real teams in Europe. Bottom line: the Chels limited Barca to 2 shots on target over two legs. Manure....well, it was there for all to see.... 'We'll do the quadruple' - my backside! I chose to spend the CL final doing some accounting for work while my son gleefully told me on 15 minutes that Barca were 1-0 ahead. I have to say I didn't watch it. I heartily dislike both sides, so I wasn't really bothered who won. I am not accustomed to rubbing salt into my own wounds. Four penalties anyone?....... Here's to Everton on Sunday - Keep the Blue Flag Flying High! ETA: New avatar - I thought it was about time. The Bengal - the epitome of power, grace and beauty. My ultimate ambition is to visit India to see this beauty in his natural habitat before it is too late.
  15. The Augusta

    Least favourite subject

    I think Neil was referring to our 'least fave' topics within Roman history. That being said, mine are: 1) Gladiators and all Roman games (with the one exception of Chariot-racing - quite like that one!) - So I'm in agreement with Neil here 2) Again, rather like Neil, I can't say I'm too interested in the men in red skirts and leather... 3) Romano-British history - to be brutally frank. 4) The Empire after the Severans - it all seems very grey to me...