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Bargain on Roman history DVDs

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I love a bargain. For anyone else who does, the Discovery Channel is having their semi-annual DVD sale, and you can pick up their DVDs for as little as $4.99.


Here are a few relating to the Roman world that may be of interest:


What the Ancients Knew


Pompeii: The Last Day


Ancient Civilizations


Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story


Rome: Power & Glory


Mummies of Rome


Unfortunately, the Discovery Channel's DVDs are only coded for Region 1 (US and Canada). But the Discovery Channel does ship to the U.K., if you have a code-free player. I don't think they ship to any other countries.


-- Nephele

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Thanks for that Nephele. I also notice that they are selling Byzantium: The Lost Empire by John Romer. I wish I could get these, but I'm not sure my DVD player would run them. It is multi region, but it fell on the floor and now it doesn't work as well as it once did.


Byzantium: The Lost Empire

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