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Hail to all. My first post, so I hope I have the right forum? I have just started a play by email game set in 65 AD. The game is called Rome is Burning and I play Sextus Marcius Priscus, Legate of Lycia et Pamphilia. You have to create your own comites, if I am using the correct Latin name and if, indeed, a Legate was allowed to create a comites? All characters are fictional except myself. I would like to create a person responsible for the internal affairs of this province. I would use this character to answer questions. So, if there ever was a position for internal affairs in a province, what would their Latin title be please?

I look forward to reading peoples replies



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It is very liberating to feel like Civis Romanus and interested in history, astronomy and mathematical statistics.In my opinion, this is a suitable combination as can be searched after the causes of observed phenomena. So my Euclidean space arises. I worked in the state administration and also some time with gas chromatography and it was an adventure like fly alone in the balloon.Many times I thought that Goldtokop on Yukon had it a little easier and then one is looking for meaningful stories from the past. I don't want to believe that I am 70 years old and I see something on the display yet. I bought such a gross book differential geometry and found everything is just a question of coordinates why can be distinguished, for example, an ellipse and circle or yesterday and today.

No, you don't find me on Facebook. Thanks for reading.

The text was not verified by any translator.

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