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Bacchus: A Biography

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One of UNRV's more accessible resources is the smattering of bona fide scholars and authors that grace our fora. Our longest serving resident scholar is the venerable Andrew Dalby, an Oxford trained scholar on the classical world with interests in language and food. Two of my esteemed fellow moderators have submitted reviews on Dalby's works, each choosing a subject near and dear to their heart. The delightfully gastronomic Pertinax devoured Dalby's Empire of Pleasures, while the deeply Hellenophile Pantagathus sung odes for Dalby's Rediscovering Homer. My own special interest is Greco-Roman mythology and religious cult. It was thus a pleasant surprise when I discovered Mr. Dalby had written a retelling of Bacchic myth. Not to be outdone by my two erudite legati colleagues, I immediately crafted the following review as a prelude to an interview with Mr. Dalby.


Read the full article here: http://www.unrv.com/book-review/bacchus-a-biography.php



Mr. Dalby graciously consented to be interviewed for this work. You may find the interview here..

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