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Travel Info for the Dolomites

Trentino-South Tyrol uses the German language (and also in Ladin) called Trentino-Südtirol, but the official name in Italian is Trentino-Alto Adige. This beautiful place in the Dolomites is an autonomous region in the northern part of Italy. South Tyrol consists of two very distinct areas, the Italian-speaking part of Trento and the largely German-speaking area of South Tyrol. This region was part of Austria-Hungary for hundreds of years until its annexation by Italy in 1919.

Facts and Figures

Official Name: Trentino-Alto Adige
Land Area:      5,258 sq miles (13.619 km²)
Population:      940,000
Capital:            Trento (106.190)

History bits about South Tyrol

South Tyrol has been of strategic importance because of three important Alpine routes that were connecting Italy with northern Europe. There is archaeological evidence that the early inhabitants were already farmers long before the Roman conquest of the region in 15 BC. When the Romans arrived they found an already advanced wine culture. South Tyrol in the dolomites became part of the Roman Alpine province of Rhaetia and its wines soon became notorious in Rome, especially after the road, Via Claudia Augusta, was built connecting central Italy with northern Europe.

Weather in South Tyrol

South Tyrol's weather can be described as a Mediterranean climate with some alpine splendour. With a yearly average high of 18.6° C (65° F) a yearly average low of 8° C (46° F), and hardly any fog, the southern part of Tyrol has a very mild climate. In fact, some parts of the dolomites had health resort in the last century, cherished by many because of its very mild climate. Don`t be surprised to see in such a relative small place, everything from olive trees to glaciers.

How to get to South Tyrol

To South Tyrol by Air
There are no international airports in southern Tyrol. That means if you are planning to travel to the Italian Dolomites by plane, you should try to arrive in Verona (about 90 km), Venice ( about 150 km), or Milan ( about 210 km). The most popular way for North American travelers is flying to Verona via London.

To South Tyrol by Sea
Hello? South Tyrol is surrounded by the dolomites, there is no sea! ;)

To South Tyrol by Land
Southern Tyrol in the Dolomites is fully integrated into the european network of roads.

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