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Software for learning Dutch

One of the best ways to learn a language is with the help of your Personal Computer. Of course, there are several Dutch language courses available and those do vary considerably in price and effectiveness.

A very important aspect to consider is if the Dutch course is available for the operating system you are using. Just because most people have Windows based systems, doesn`t mean that you don`t use a Mac. Also keep in mind that there is a possibility that older courses might not be compatible with Windows Vista or newer language course software might not work with older OS systems like Windows 95.

Below you will find a collection of Dutch language software. We really hope it proves to be useful for your goal to learn Dutch with the help of your computer.

Dutch language course software

CD-ROM for Windows XP, Mac OS X - The "intelligent" software feature remembers words you get wrong and targets your weak points. Extensive basic vocabulary, from first words, food, colors, phrases, parts of the body and numbers, to telling time, shopping and countries. CD-ROM for Windows and Mac OS - Rosetta Stone Software helps you understand everyday language through our proficiency-based listening and reading activities. You will pronounce words correctly after practicing with our proprietary speech comparison tool. CD-ROM for Windows, Macintosh - Vocabulary Builder / Learn Dutch - An interactive flash card system for parents and teachers to help teach basic language, and for children to play games and record their own words and sentences. Help is provided in over 40 languages by a talented talking tiger! CD-ROM for Windows, Macintosh - World Talk is the perfect follow-on to our popular "Talk Now!" range. As well as new activities, we've added dictation, worksheets and a brand new recording section. Topics covered include: the calendar, sentence building, asking directions, the weather and numbers. Windows and Mac OS X Downloads/ With Instant Immersion Levels 1, 2 & 3, you get 4 programs that cover everything from beginning vocabulary and essential phrases to correct pronunciation and advanced conversations. There?s even a special section on business and career topics.

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