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Learning German

You've spent many hours reading up on the ancient history of the Roman Empire and eventually have decided to visit Germany to see all the monuments and cultural heritage for yourself? Great idea, Germany is a wonderful place and worth a visit, no doubt out about it!

The first thing you will notice on arrival is that Germans speak "surprise" German! So it would be a good idea to at least get a grasp of what people are talking about. With the ability to speak German you will enjoy your stay so much more.

Tour Guides at important archaeological sites usually speak English well, however if you approach them in their own language (don't worry about not speaking German perfectly and making mistakes) you will see a different, more positive attitude towards you.

Standard German differs regionally, especially between German-speaking countries, especially in vocabulary, but also in some instances of pronunciation and even grammar. This variation must not be confused with the variation of local dialects. Even though the regional varieties of standard German are to a certain degree influenced by the local dialects, they are very distinct. German is thus considered a pluricentric language.

German is a fun language to learn and because there are many ways how to do it(by book, course, online, etc.) we thought it might be helpful to collect some interesting and useful information regarding how to learn the German language.

Learning German with Books

The Berlitz language-learning method means learn the german language naturally. Focus is on everyday dialogs, casual conversations, and authentic personal and business situations to help acquire the basics of the german language This very good German Language Book is suitable as language teaching book for adults as well as for older children. The German course instructs beginners in the basics of reading, writing, understanding, and of course speaking German. This "Learn German Book for Dummies" will help the reader to start speaking German quickly and easily. It includes practical lessons, cultural facts and references, a dictionary, common verb lists and an audio CD for practical listening exercises. This book is for anyone who wants to learn and enjoy the german language. This third edition includes two new quick references, two new appendixes on German synonyms and popular idiomatic phrases as well an updated money section. Updated with helpful facts and tips for international travelers, this new third editions of Learn German the Fast and Fun Way is suitable as language teaching book for adults as well as for older children. It's easy... It's practical... It's fun.

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