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Learning Greek

After spending countless hours reading up on the history of the Roman Empire and it`s many roots in greek society, you eventually decide to visit Greece, the cradle of western civilzation and to see all the monuments and cultural heritage for yourself? Cool idea, Greece is a facsinating place and worth a visit, no doubt out about it!

The first thing you will notice on arrival is that Greek speak "surprise" Greek! So wouldn`t it be a good idea to at least get a grasp of what people are talking about? With the ability to speak Greek you will enjoy your stay so much more. Although tour guides at the archaeological sites usually speak English very well, approaching them in their own language (don't worry about not speaking perfect Greek and making mistakes) you will see a different, more positive attitude towards you.

Modern Greek is a living language and one of the richest surviving languages today, with more than 600,000 words. Some scholars have overly stressed similarity to the millennia-old Greek languages. Its interintelligibility with ancient Greek is a matter of debate. It is claimed that a "reasonably well educated" speaker of the modern tongue can read the ancient dialects, but it is not made plain how much of that education consists of exposure to vocabulary and grammar obsolete in normal communication.

Greek is challenging but fun to learn and because there are many ways how to do it(by book, course, online, etc.) we thought it might be helpful to collect some interesting and useful information regarding how to learn the Greek language.

Learning Greek with Books

Greek Today presents an up-to-date communicative approach for all students of Modern Greek. Aimed at the introductory to intermediate levels, this course is a completely revised and expanded edition of the popular Demotic Greek. This very good Greek Language Book is suitable as language teaching book for adults as well as for older children. The Greek course instructs beginners in the basics of reading, writing, understanding, and of course speaking Greek. This phrase book is an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, color-coded guide to the Greek language. Greek letters and their English equivalent are represented, allowing you to communicate with confidence and travel with ease! Greek: An Essential Grammar of the Modern Language. This very good greek language book is a very concise and user-friendly reference guide to the most important aspects of Modern Greek with many practical examples and explanations. This workbook contains additional as well as a crossword puzzle, ideas for student compositions and dialogues, an English-language explanation of Greek culture, a grammar review, and an exam, aimed at inspiring to explore the Greek world.

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