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Learning Spanish

After spending many hours reading up on the ancient history of the Roman Empire you have decided to visit Spain to see all the monuments and cultural heritage for yourself. You will find out that it might be a good idea to learn the local language!

The first thing you will notice on arrival is that Spanish people are very proud of their language! So it would be a good idea to at least get a grasp of what people are talking about. With the ability to speak Spanish you will enjoy your stay so much more. Tour Guides at important archaeological sites usually speak English well, however if you approach them in their own language (don't worry about not speaking Spanish perfectly and making mistakes) you will see a different, more positive attitude towards you.

Spanish is written using the Latin alphabet, with a few special letters: the vowels can be marked with an acute accent (, , , , ), diaeresis u (), and n with tilde (). Traditionally, the digraphs ch, ll and rr were considered separate letters, but this is no longer the case. Written Spanish precedes exclamatory and interrogative clauses with inverted question and exclamation marks, examples: Qu dices? (What do you mean?) No es verdad! (That's not true!). It is one of the few languages whose written form does so.

Spanish is a fun language to learn and because there are many ways how to do it(by book, course, online, etc.) we thought it might be helpful to collect some interesting and useful information regarding how to learn the Spanish language.

Learning Spanish with Books

Updated with helpful facts and tips for international travelers, this new third editions of Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way is suitable as language teaching book for adults as well as for older children. Many language books are boring-this one is not. With this book, both students in school and adult learners who never want to see another classroom can rapidly improve their speaking ability. This "Spanish Book for Dummies" will help you to start speaking quickly and easily. It includes practical lessons, cultural facts and references, a dictionary, common verb lists and an audio CD for listening exercises. This self-instruction is organized into 24 units, each designed to take no more than 1h to study. With an introduction to pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, the units advance quickly to practical skills. Complete beginner course, including 3 coursebooks, 9 audio CDS, complete online course, apps, and live e-Tutoring "The Living Language Platinum series has dragged the world of language learning into the 21st century."

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