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Informing yourself before hand about your travel destination is never a bad thing when going on vacation, especially when there are language barriers. Maps from online sources are not bad to get the basic facts, however they aren't always going to be available depending on where you are. It probably may seem like a small thing, but it is so important to actually have a travel map of the region in your hands, when you need it.

When to buy Travel Maps

Don`t forget toorder your map well in advance of your trip. Not only does it give you some time to review it, but you don't want to have your travel map missing in action while you on your way to your holiday destination. General tourist maps aren't going to change very much over short periods of time, so be sure to get yours earlier than needed, rather than risk not having one.

Travel Maps for your holiday in Athens

National Geographic
Cartographia is a world-class publisher of country and city maps. All maps are exquisite in their use of color for elevation, and show transportation networks. City maps have building and Central Business District detail along with subway or local trains if applicable. Each map is fully indexed.
Laminated Athens
Folded street and travel map in color. Scale 1:7,500. Legend includes sights, museums, monuments, antique sites, churches, monasteries, synagogues, caves, castles, ruins, beaches, bus stations, parking, car ferries, golf courses, airfields and more...
Streetwise Athens Map
This pocket size Athens map is laminated for durability and folding for effortless use. The STREETWISE® Athens map is one of many detailed and easy-to-read city street maps designed and published by STREETWISE®. Buy your STREETWISE® Athens map today and you too can navigate Athens, Greece like a native.
Waterproof Athens Map
Folded waterproof street and travel map. Scale 1:9,000. Legend includes staircase/pedestrian zones, railways, subways/stations, cable cars, parks/squares, hotels, churches, museums, theatres, points of interest, hospitals, department stores, bus terminals, ferry terminals, Includes Athens metro-tramway - suburban railway system.
Athens City Map
Folded paper street map of Athens. Ideal for sightseeing, perfect for those who are on longer breaks to major cities. These are also ideal as a reference for people learning how to commute and socialise in a new city. City Maps feature a large index of street names and co ordinates on the reverse. Scale: 1:15 000 Format: Folded Size: 1000x660mm

Athens is the capital of Greece, and also the capital of the Attica region of Greece. In addition to being a modern city, Athens is also famous for being a powerful city-state and a very important center of learning in ancient times. It is named after its patron goddess, Athena.

In Ancient Greek Athens was called Athinai, and in the 19th century this name was formally re-adopted as the city's name. Since the official abandonment of Katharevousa Greek in the 1970s, however, the popular form Athina has become the city's official name.

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