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Florence Travel Maps

Florence (Firenze) is a north central (Tuscan) Italian city with around 400,000 inhabitants. Florence, known orginally as Florentia began as a settlement under the Roman Empire, and the city flourished during the late middle ages of Europe. Indeed it is said by many that that the Italian renaissance began here. As Florence was long ruled by the Medici family, leading patrons of Italian renaissance art, the city is home to a vast number of beautiful works.

When to buy Travel Maps

Make sure you order with plenty of time to spare in advance of your trip. Even though shipping is generally fast in the modern world, waiting too long to order could be a problem as glitches can occur. You'd rather have the travel map in your hands a bit earlier than risk not having one at all at departure.

Travel Maps for your holiday in Florence

Florence Map (25" x 18")
Folded laminated street and travel map, in color. Scale 1:7,000. Legend includes sights, museums, theatres and much more...
City Map
(9.7" x 5.1")
Travel map of Florence, Italy, shows roads from through routes and motorways to minor roads.
(18"x 27")
This Map is laminated for durability and contains comprehensive city and regional maps including the Top Sights.
(8.6" x 4.1")
Conveniently sized for a pocket, briefcase, or backpack, the Let's Go Map Guides feature a guide wrapped in a map.
Florence Imap
(8.5" x 20"")
Explore the fabulous city of Florence with the help of this genuinely pocket-sized, pop-up, city map.
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