UNRV.com Ancient Subject Book Review Project

Thanks to our highly active and ever growing discussion forum community, participant contributions have greatly expanded our book review project.

As a result, we've been inspired by these contributions to routinely offer books to our regular forum members. This helps the continued expansion of the project in the form of additional reviews, while also providing a small token of our gratitude for supporting this site. In addition, we occasionally offer books for review to the rest of our community and general site visitors, in the form of various contests or give-aways, in order to increase participation beyond this regular "team".

The goal of the project, beyond the obvious notion of expanding the content of UNRV.com, is to share our collective interests in the Roman world with a greater audience. Conforming to the goal of the site as a whole, we simply hope to inspire continuing interest and education in the classics and ancient history.

As UNRV.com increases its internet awareness some authors and publishers have recognized that the site captures a highly targeted and ever expanding audience. As such several publishers provide new publications to be reviewed on this site on a regular basis. However, the project is mostly funded by internal resources (various ad revenues) and growth is therefore limited by the availability of funds.

However, anyone with an interest in the ancient world can help. Whether you are a regular member of our community, or an occasional passerby, everyone is able and encouraged to submit a review for publication. In so doing, contributors will potentially be qualified to receive books provided by UNRV.com for future review. If you are a publisher or an author who would like to submit books regarding the ancient and Roman world for review; if you would like to submit a review, or if you have any feedback, questions or comments whatsoever, please contact us.

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