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A Sad Day Be Black Friday

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Sextus Roscius


I was watching the news a few days ago and saw the rage of black friday. I even went shoping in it for a bit. After the experiance, I relized how insane some people will go over a game console, more specificaly, the XBox 360.


Such insanity I've seen before, like when a ice storm hit my town, or when the great black out of 2003 hit and everyone went into a panic. Those were all more major events and everyone freaked becuase of the sudden change. But, such hussle over a game console is simply unreasonable.


Reports of Gun-Point Robberys, Muggings, Black market selling, and even people betting on them for more than 5 times the whole-sale price. I laughed at it for a second, then thought. "that is really sad, that so many people would waste so much money and effort for a video game, america..." Since then I've wondered just how bad are we.

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If you start to think in terms of 'we' then you're already taking a step toward the mob mentality that creates these scenarios. Theres nothing like some cultural and media hype to work certain people into some sort of mindless frenzy.

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