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Sextus Roscius


So often are humans foucused on emotion, that they forget why they feel a certain emotion when a certain thing happens, and instead relate that thing to the emotion with out thought.


When some one insults you, you get angry, why would you not instead become happy? There is more explaination for the latter than their is for the common answer. One might become happy becuase they realize that the person insulting them has stooped a level below where they are becuase the agressor took a pre-emtive assualt without immediate provocation.


Wheras the general case of when some one is insulted they imediatly become angery and take the offensive when words have no affect on them at all, but the instinctial reaction takes over and causes that person to make a rebuttal instead of thinking to themselves that they are the superior without justification becuase the agressor has proved his inferiority.


Such is common occurence.

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