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My Decision

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Sextus Roscius


Well, I thought long and hard, and I've gone through my head many times over what to do, I've fought with myself, with my better instincts, and all my codes of life. I've decided to break my strict regimen for the sake of my mental health and for self indulgence, for I fear I can't hurt myself too much.


I've decided that I should persuse my feelings, what ever they be, for the girl at school, and try to at least get her so say a word that I can hear (she is excessively quite) if all goes well, perhaps I'll have a new friend or something more, though I'm of course presuming far too much over how things will go and what will happen, I feel that my moral codes require a brief break every now and then for my sake. Otherwise I think I may end up snapping one fine day and doing something insane, so shortly, I fear for my mental health.


Anyways, I'd appreciate if anyone had any say on my decision, or cared to help me in my enveadouvers.

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Damn I wish I had your courage. But in my opinion, friendship is the best way to begin things which might gradually evolved into something more closer.

And a little advice, be lax around her, be funny because that is always the best environment.

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That was my plan Flavius my friend, I'll see how things turn out, and I'll be sure to keep this blog up to date, as well as find a picture of the girl and get it on the comp, though its hard for me, I don't have a scanner in my room... so I'd have to do that when my parents weren't here and I'd have to figure out how to get it to my comp and etc... but non the less.


For a little info, she is indian, long hair, shorter than me (though most people are) and she seems realitively subservian... the type of student who will do everything asked of them, never forgeting and assignment or not doing the "right" thing, though never a teachers favorite. A person who has little problem allowing other people to talk, all the time, though that may come in handy, it may not. I get the feeling she comes from a lower-middle middle class family by the neighborhood she gets off the bus, I know she is friends with a certain crowd, which gives me the advantage.


Though the hardest part will be breaking the ice and trying to get her to talk to me regularly.

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true true viggen, though i said that in realizing I'll never have a picture of her, and therefore will never be able to do so.


Ah viggen, you seem to comment her so often, but I shouldn't be posting about my troubles in this area much longer, I beleive this is my last post.

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