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The Muhammad Cartoons

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Sextus Roscius


"We have chosen not to show these comics tonight on the ethical grounds that we are scared to."

-Steven Colbert


Yes, these comics seem to have sprung up from such a tiny, and seemingly unimportant newspaper in Denmark. Images such as depicting the prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turbin have struck off WORLD WIDE muslim anger and now literaly thousands, if not millions, with hateful feelings towards the cheerful northern European country of Denmark. Though the Dutch have tolerance for all of this, and the gov't of Denmark has not chosen to proscute Flemming Rose, editor of the newspaper which published the cartoons, for his actions.


Flemmings says that the cartoons of the Prophet were not intended to say that all Muslims, or the prohpet Muhammad are terrorists, but merely to make an assualt on censorship of possibly insulting ideas to Muslims or other organizations. His goal was to make the point of saying that in Denmark, everyone was equal and that just becuase somebody was a Muslim, didn't mean that they had a right to inforce their religious views on the rest of a free nation. He also recognizes and agrees that a small minorty of Islamic extremists have given the followers of the normaly peaceful religion of islam a bad name.



Personaly, I'm appalled at all the arguements, personaly, I side with Flemmings and agree with him and his statements. In a democracy, we can not allow people to be more important that each other, or otherwise risk underminding the very principles of democracy. I beleive that while it was a fairly stupid and neglectant move to forget how easily, given the current world situation, that a comic like the ones presented could easily be misinterpreted into something rude and/or insulting about the religion of Islam or its founder, Muhammad.

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The way I see it, this is just a convenient medium for extremist Muslims to lay some sort of blame on someone. I've heard that basically everyone from the United States to Israel to Denmark to whoever is 'responsible', not the actual person who created them.

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