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Sextus Roscius


Well, today was a good day. I had little homework, and I spent most of the day bobing around in various things. I went on a nice trip with my dad to Sears and then to some other stops in the convertable (which I think he bought out of his mid-life crisis) which was fun. We started talking about politics and what was going on. My dad is different from me in political views in a lot of ways, but we are the same in some. He is very anti-muslim. He sits on the stand point that even though not all of them are bad, the world would be better of without them. I must agree with him actually, we have often discussed how within a century Muslims are going to rule europe, which angers me immensly.


You see, for a person like me who is decidedly a western man, this is just about THE WORST thing that can possibly happen. I'm annoyed at Islam, but thats the final straw for me. As a lover of europe and what it stands for, it is too mind-numingly angering to think of Europe being ruled by muslims. Its obvious that muslims, even the better off ones in europe breed (not literaly, but more in a collective sense in comparison to non-muslim europe) like flies. We all know about the declining birth rates in europe, so it is obvious that this will become a major problem. Its so angering, I can't describe it.....


On another note, we were in an awkward conversation about how neither side is right. The leftys are going to become subserviant to the muslim world and the middle east, while the rightys are going to countinue to fight a losing battle. This is were I think my own political ideas come in, but for the moment they can't do anything about whats going on. Basicaly, I'm feeling very scared and pessimistic tonight, not to mention very anti-muslim.....

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