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Palm Reading And The Expectations For Tomorrow

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Sextus Roscius


Well, I had my palm read today. Not much of value. Stuff about I was going to either become a very religious man or die early in life, I will be married in my late 30s, I'm agressive and what not. I think palm reading is a bunch of huey though, after all, the outcome is purely a result of the conditions around you and more imporantly, your hand. If it is very cold out, you hand will have a lot of blood in it, or very little blood, which woul affect the "signs" appearing in your hand, this means that the "signs" that appear are different most likely and that can conflict with your previous "signs" etc.


Also, I'm expecting a very boring day tomorrow, not much out of the ordinary...

1. Primetime (make up for your mistakes time)

2. Gym (warm up period)

3. Latin (best class ever, not to mention class with my best friend and the girl I admire)

4. Science (working on a project, not much of intrest)

5. Math (Boringness defined very blankly)

6. Lunch (Oh boy, 30 minutes of watching Olympic Hockey and chowing down with my friends)

7. L.A. (Boring as hell wouldn't have it becuase we are working *shackes* grammar which is now evil to me after taking some latin. What the hell is the point of Diagraming sentances anyway in a language I speak much better than just about any other kid in my grade.)

8. Social Studies (doing African history which stinks...just can't get into it)

9. Band (Our teacher is hyper insane-o now about getting all our songs perfect down to the last note, which is quite a strain for us trumpets becuase we have a very hard part for some of these songs)


And then schools out... Thats just an example of a day for me.

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Palm reading is done more with the lines on the hands, although you're right, environment does have an effect. Most palm readers that you see in little shops and such are in it for money anyway, if they were really psychic they probably wouldn't be in that line of work lol.


Numerology seems to be more reliable, just for "kicks and giggles" I did my numerology, and I was really surprised with the (shockingly accurate) outcome.

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