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For the edification of Gaius Octavius ! Some saucey Scottiche cheeses.


I chose Cachel Irish Blue , a hebridean sheeps cheese , an aged Kirkhams Lancashire and a very runny Brie.




© Pertinax &copy 2003-2006
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Your Grace:


Nice pic! But what is all that stuff? Must smell like heaven!

Is the Mull the stuff about 3" over from the top left?


What is your valued opinion as to the merits of Scottish Mull and the English Keen?


Port? Whiskey? Beer? God forbid, water?



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Well , I get my Mull (usually)from Loch Fyne ( I put a link in previously) , and it is flavoursome -the growing season is short but the grass is clean , hence the cows are wonderfully healthy and the cheese is testament to it.Here is Mr Mellis' link (the shop in question):




The Mull is the splendidly coloured cheddar to the left extremity.


I say to drink: a very clean Whiskey, (Tobermorey perhaps) , a dry champagne cocktail ( no sugar), or Oyster Stout. Port is a terrible social problem in Britain , it is appallingly infra dig to have stilton with/in port -a sort of ghastly lower middle class abomination BUT a glass of white port might be deemed civilised. A fine Calvados is not to be sneered at.


Please define your terms as regards the English Keen.

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At the moment all I know is "Keen", "Keen's'" or maybe "Isle of Keen". Will conduct investigation. And will also see if we can't get the ones that you chose. Like the idea of whiskey; a manly potion.


Bride, Claudia, likes your pics. She once was involved with that kind of theatre stuff.

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