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Great Macedonian motif from the 3rd Century BC

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its unfair to pick favourites from amongst these items .but this is splendid.


That head of Zeus just radiates living energy doesn't it? And the naturalistic feel of the bow rider brings him alive as well.

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It's beautiful! but why the heck is he holding the bow like that???? I saw the same posture on a statue of Apollo I can't figure it out. Did the sculptor and coin maker not know how to hold a bow or was it a different style??


I LOVE, love love the head of Zeus. It's gorgeous.


BTW are all of these coins yours?

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Well, I have it on excellent authority that this motif is actually not the head of Zeus but the head of Blue Hair Poseidon himself whose head is wreathed in kelp. :wub: Imagine my delight to learn that this beautiful artwork is of my divine benefactor.


Anyway, sorry I didn't see your comment for so long LW! To answer your questions: a) I have know idea the symbolic reason for the bow being held that way and :blink: no these are not my coins

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