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Veteran Cornicern

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these instruments are loud!

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I still want one of these. I doubt I could achieve much with it other than annoying my neighbors (or frightening their small dogs lol)


Were these reenactors anygood at playing them? I saw these things on Empire (not a very reputable show) and I thought it was really funny how they managed to make every manner of sound EXCEPT that which could be considered music (I thought with a major miniseries like that they would take the time to practice). I know they've got to be a pain in the neck (and back, and shoulders) to play, which is probably why they are not widely used, but I seriously did not know it was possible to make something like that *screech* as they did.

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Thats good. Nothing worse than a squawky signal instrument :)


I wonder where one would learn to play one of those? I guess it would have to be "trial and error" as they are so unusual these days.

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