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"specialised" extraction  forceps
© Pertina &copy 2003-2006
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"specialised" extraction forceps

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specialised midwifery tool


© Pertina &copy 2003-2006
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That looks like it would cause brain damage with those teeth...


Do you know what the other things are?

I regret to say it is for the destruction of the foetus and extraction therof, hence its rather fearsome appearence.


The other items are , a douche (top),below the "pliers", a cauterising tool ,and to the bottom of pic some catheters.Opium spoon to side and a root of white willow for pain relief.

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OH, it's an abortion tool. Makes sense than. Modern medicine has a thing that is used to aid in birthing which is also used to grab the head. It doesn't have teeth though. Looks kind of like two giant salad spoons :D

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