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  1. philalexandros

    Augustus And Bush

    You can't possibly compare Augustus to Bush, Augustus was a genius... what can one say about Bush?? Gosh I should just refrain myself. Augustus was an asset to Rome and their empire,infact as many people are saying and have said he was probably the greatest emperor. Bush gets involved in things he doesn't even know about, one can argue to the contrary but his actions speak for themselves. Before you get mixed in other country's problems and issues and politics, shouldn't you attempt to sort out your own???? There are so many people in America that could benefit from him actually focusing on the nation instead of looking globally. He wants fame of some sort, a son following in his fathers footsteps, he wants recognision, we doesn't he earn that inside his country first before he earns it creating wars outside??
  2. philalexandros

    Rome Review

    I'm watching the series currently and I have to say it seems to be alright, nothing to spectacular though. I must say however, I really enjoy the costumes and the set they really make it seem authentic.
  3. philalexandros

    World Cup 2006

    What a final!!! France almost had it, things could have really changed if Zidane had been there to take some of the penalties. With his red carding, his team seemed to lack motivation and fell back a little when it came to the cruical penalties. It would have been nice to have a French victory however, the Italians had the gods smiling upon them.
  4. philalexandros

    Alexander At Gedrosia

    Alexander was a genius and an inspiration to men. He is over villified in today's society and deserves to have much more credit than he gets. Alexander had a vision and was determined to follow it through. He loved his men and army as much as they loved him. He didn't return Porus to his kingdom because he lost the battle, that's rather bizzare as a matter of fact. He returned him because he had a deep respect toward others, especially the ruling monarchs and to those of you who actually have read into the history of Alexander, this would have been made evident everywhere. Such as the incident at Issus when Darius fled and left his family there, including some of his daughters and his mother, Alexander had such respect for them he never harmed them nor threatened them in any manner. Alexander was an hounourable man. Not only did he return Porus on his throne but he gave him more territory to govern than he previously had. How about the time when some of Alexander's troops found a little water while they were on their march with all men suffering from hunger and thirst, and they gave a helmet full to him, Alexander tipped it on the ground in front of his men and declared he won't drink until his men do. Alexander was willing to share everyhardship with them. And of course he wanted to excel others in history, that made him a extraordinary person with motivation and drive. I'll leave this with a quote from Alexander on his deathbed, this shows alot about the extradorinary person he is. "After my death will you find a king who deserves such men?"
  5. philalexandros

    Empire - The Movie/docummentary

    How many episodes of Empire are there? I think i've watched three,how many more to come?? I'm up to the part where those 'creatures' were put in their beds.
  6. philalexandros

    Sulla Unfairly Vilified?

    Cato.. You are quite the seceptic! You don't seem to realise what certain individuals bring to an empire. And even manage to argue against some of the greatest emperors of all time. I don't have time to make an indepth list of all the failures of the republic, but what i do have time to make is here : The failures of the republic : all fixed by JUST ONE EMPEROR OCTAVIN ( Augustus ) There was 100 years of civil war. There wasn't an honest government or sound currency system. No efficient postal service No free trade among the provinces were fostered Literature did not folourish And one major point HERE - would all of those lands have been conqured and under Romes control if it werent for the emperors??? Rome wouldn't have become such a dominant force to be reckoned with . who is saying that the senate provides checks and balances when infact the senate and certain individuals acting in the 'so called' senates interest are infact acting in there own. Cato infact , even what seems so called stable and in check is corrupt,that's why the emperors were the solution they fixed all of these the republics errors, and plus recieved the backing of the senate. It's just like saying we shouldn't have primeministers today because that one person holds so much power, well infact you need a person at the top to run the empire/country with the backing of a senate and it's peoples. That's the best way and if you ask anybody most certainely the least corrupt way to govern. I'll end this with a quote from Plutarch to show you something. 'Those who acomplish and aim for great things must also suffer greatly' - Plutarch And it's unfortunate that the emperors were classed under this catogorey, they couldn't prevent or know that they were going to be murdered ruthlessly.
  7. philalexandros

    Sulla Unfairly Vilified?

    cato :
  8. philalexandros

    Octavian - Augustus

    I read that the Roman senate gave him the name Augustus , which meant "The Exalted".
  9. philalexandros

    Empire - The Movie/docummentary

    I have recently begun watching the new epic drama television series named EMPIRE i think filmed by ABC, and it is about Augustus's rise to power after the fall of Casear, It has recieved some rather shocking reviews from what i have read , but just want to mention the fact that i think that it is a great movie/doccumentary,apart from a few historical blotches, i can't wait to watch the next ephisode.
  10. philalexandros

    Julius Caesar.. Good And Bad Points

    How come Augustus (Octavian) Caesar's nephew is recognised as Romes first emperor? Shouldn't that tittle belong to Caesar himself?? Hail Caesar!!!
  11. I'm new here , and think that this site is great, i know plenty about the Greeks and Alexander The Great who i have read and studied about for a long time,and now i have decided that it is time to start learning about the other great civilisation and the Roman Empire. What a terrific site.