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  1. A dazzling display of logic my friend. Sadly I'm a human being, thus afflicted with many of the faults of that species, though in fairness, I would point out I'm not the least polite member of Humanity and it was the ravens making an unholy racket and thus disturbing the peace and quiet of the Remembrance garden.

  2. I dare say there's a few people who want me transported to the colonies. The thing is in order to be a success out there I would need to be motivated and willing to overcome discrimination against pommiehood. I'm not accusing the australians of being bad people but there would always be a natural inclination to favour people from their own homeland. It just wouldn't work and all I'd do is spend a lot of money acheiving nothing.

  3. If Hendrix had survived another 10 years? According to a mate of mine who is something of a dedicated worshipper, Hendrix was increasingly showing interest in fusion style music rather than rock/blues. My own feeling is that while his reputation in the Hendrix Experience is pretty well unassailable, his later stuff would have been much more biased toward what happened in the mid eighties anyway - albums full of instrumental electric guitar symphonies (of which I bought a few myself by players such as Dave Chastain, Tony McAlpine, and so on - I was a confirmed metalhead in those days)

  4. Van Halen? Oh yes.... I remember them...


    Van Halen have a warm glow about them - they were the quintessential party band - but who remembers them? Hendrix gets played at every exuse regardless of any asociation with corrupt politics. The problem with Van Halemn is that they weren't controversial enough to make any lasting impact. Sure they had a wild time and probably now suffer for it - Didn't I hear the original line-up was back together again? - but their glory days are gone and like many other bands they're plugging away on a lower level for those who want 80's memoribilia.


    Does that sound cruel? Show business is - witness the recent demise of Whitney Houston or the the relative obscurity of Caldrail - to name a few. I think if one of Van Halen had died in a horrific and bizarre accident then they'd still be a household name. Nothing preserves immortality like death. But then the original line up of Balck Sabbath is back together and let's be honest, it isn't Ozzy's singing we remember him for.

  5. In a sense yes because south america has it's own regional union now and thus Argentina is finding it easier to gather support for it's intiatives (though many countries appear to prefer not to upset Britain too much).


    But regarding mines - international conventions might be in place but soldiers laying mines around the world aren't really concerned with legality - they just want to blow enemies up or at least persuade them not to cross the minefield at all.

  6. Yep, you were right. I should have listened. But you know, sometimes to just have to go there and find out for yourself.


    However to be fair if you look at the early TG series in the Jeremy Clarkson format, the audience was a handful of people whereas now they have crowd control problems. The problem the US team have is that they are trying to find an identity in the wake of their successful british template. I suspect they'll get better at it once they stop playing with everyday pickup trucks and discover the sports car. Especially the speedy red ones. Little tip there.

  7. Positive? Well, naturally, can you imagine a forecast that was realistic?


    Capricorn - This year in one in which you will struggle with financial woes and the strange inexplicable death of a family pet. Beware of tall dark strangers and start looking for that better job now.


    Doesn't really work does it? Astrology is a fundamental foundation stone of western religion which represents the middle eastern influence on christian culture (otherwise we'd still be sacrificing burglars on certain holy days) and the whole point of prophecy and end-timer belief systems is that there is hope for the future. You'd expect that of course bearing in mind the low life expectancy and the uncertainty of the ancient and medieval worlds that cemented these religious concepts in place.


    Then again most modern astrologers are merely journalists filling in the blanks for their weekly pay packet. Most of them know diddly squat about prophecy anyway. That too is something that's been with us regarding prophetic systems for a very long time and won't go away anytime soon. I saw a book in my local library the other day - Fractal Time - in which the author conceals a numerology system in the guise of modern quantum mechanics. It still represents the same ideas of ebb and flow in peoples lives.


    So basically it's all rubbish. As if reading a paragraph in the newspaper is going to prepare me for lifes little problems. Come to think of it... I wonder what's in my stars today?.... :D

  8. I don't ever remember being convinced by this santa claus stuff. I knew early on my parents were putting presents by the tree every year, but to be honest that never detracted from the fun of opening gaudy packages anyway.


    Over the holiday The Polar Express was showing on tv. I've not seen the film before, and boy, am I glad I didn't pay to see that in the cinema. I was struck by the idea we should be wowwed with the entire concept of christmas, that it should be 'magical' somehow, as if the adult population was guilty of conspiring to foist this fantasy on their children. I mean, it's bad enough that christianity reivented the festival to suit itself (I do read that the end of year celebration predates roman festivals as a celebration of surving the winter solstice), but now we see both a commercial and cultural reinvention that whilst not absolutely at odds with each other, remain nonetheless two extremes of what was essentially a very simple custom.


    Good grief, I managed a rant, at this time of year no less. I haven't been drinking enough. If you'll please excuse me... :D

  9. Not really. It's all show business. Being brash is a method of getting attentioon and once people talk about you, there's a much better chance of profitting from them, although obviously if you do it without the co-operation of those that promte you or the profits vanish, it all comes crashing to a halt. That's show business.

  10. Why do people get so stressed up at christmas? Actually I already know. It's a rather sad obsession with pleasing the recipient, when really it's on the recipient to grin and say thank you. My father was the worlds worst for receiving presents. He once went into a tantrum because I bought a pack of blank DVD's that apparently wren't compatible with his computer. Stupid old sod gets sweet fanny adams these days.


    Ahh yes... Stress free christmas... Oh hello, what's that noise outside? Oh no, carol singers... Gah!

  11. Most people are tutting and shaking their heads, but for the most part, they're just following the herd. Some voices have raised above the parapet having learned that Clarkson OK'd the comments before the show aired with the show producers. Other than that, we've forgotten it entirely.


    As for his bosses, that's another matter. Obviously I wouldn't know.

  12. Noooo... Still struggling to see anything... Is this one of this 'magic picture' things that plays tricks with the senses? Or is it a mystuical ley line for conducting earth energies to the spiritual home of the druids? Or is it a secret wartime chart for bombers on a daring mission to crush welsh morale with a heavyweight straegic bombing offensive? Or is it a secret road for those drivers privileged enough to be exempt from speed cameras? Or has Pythagoras been revealed as a welshman?

  13. You have a slight advantage over me there it must be said. The trouble is my impressions of Texas and Arizona come from watching cowoboys ride across the area and it's invariably arid. The thought of apache indians shouting 'mush' and whipping their reindeers to make their sleighs go faster is very hard for me to imagine. With the BBC showing their latest Frozen Planet documentaries right now, you would think someone would tell David Attenborough about it.