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    I am reading Ancient History at the University of Birmingham, so history is definatley an interest!<br /><br />When i'm not studying then you can usually find me in the pub, or dancing, or eating out! <br /><br />I am also involved with my university newspaper, and was the News Editor until a few weeks ago when my uni workload just got too heavy.

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  1. Aphrodite

    Are you guys up for the challenge????

    Oh, does you disertation involve the antics of Clodia? She is mentioned in the sources yes! But t is not about her in anyway though. Why thankyou dear!
  2. Aphrodite

    The Date Of Christmas

    I think maybe I should have put that in inverted commas, i totally agree and the gently coax was somewhat tounge in cheek...
  3. Aphrodite

    Are you guys up for the challenge????

    Historical Romance nominal morphology...put into English, I study the evolution of gender inflection and agreement from Latin into (early) Romance, combined with language change theories. And my head's about to explode! wow. That sounds taxing, but rewarding! Good luck with it, it must be such a relief to be nearing the final hurdle. I am happy today as I got good feedback from my tutor on my first chapter draft, i had been nervous to say the least! Frankly I envy PhD candidates. Working in seclusion on a topic you presumably chose and actually like seems a godsend. It seems to beat the hell out of the dog-eat-dog tussle of law school and the daily inquisition of the legal Socratic method, at least from what I can tell from friends and acquaintances. I came to this conclusion during my first year of law school--what I'd opted for instead of a PhD program. I guess the grass is always greener...and the lawyer jokes...if I had a dollar... I'm not a phd student, I study in england and here all finalists write a dissertation, I'm not sure if this differs in america? But yes, i did get to choose the subject and i'm really enjoying it (when i'm not pulling my hair out), its very rewarding conducting my own research and I think i will be so so proud when its done! Good luck with law school.... yes don't worry the grass is always greener, when i'm having a bad day i find my self wishing i was doing something more structured!
  4. Aphrodite

    Online gaming... for cash!

    Do you play strip poker when you are round your mother's for sunday lunch?
  5. Aphrodite

    Are you guys up for the challenge????

    Aphrodite, you are a godsend! We ladies languish here among our beloved patriarchs...... But to be fair to the men on the Forum, they would welcome 'the female slant', and we only have ourselves to blame if we don't contribute. I have several little projects in mind..... I hope you'll help. I look forward to posting and chit-chatting with you over the coming months. Excellent! I will look out for your posts, and when my brain is ticking over i shall post and look forward to your replies too Are you studying/researching, or do you have a personal interest in the subjuect? I read that and thought you said the fags! As we all know a womans best friend is a gay man... but what do you mean by the figs? Its xmas soon and my dad will be eating figs if that counts? "until it degenerates into bitchy pomo deconstructionist blather" In preference to macho great men of history type topics? I don't think there is a place in historical research for 'bitchy pomo deconstuctionist blather' personaly... what about you? I'm most certainly not a feminist, but i am most drawn to social history and the lives of families and women - looking further into the rhetorical sources and finding the backgrounds and hidden meanings of society isn't it just... i planned to have an early night but got draged out to party - my first night out in over two weeks and i really needed it! lets see how i cope in the morning. The dissertation is nothing like i imagined, its taken over my life and all i can see is getting the best grade I possibly can, and i'm sacrficing a vibrant social life for it, but i know it will be so so so worht it Good luck doco! What is your subject area?
  6. I guess you would call it gambling but shhh. Who indulges in what? I don't tend to play for cash very often, my student loan has enough to contend with, without the added spice of a gambling problem! However, I did win
  7. Of keeping me entertained for the next few months, while I write my dissertation? I figure chit chat on this board is still historical and topical so not as bad as msn distractions! This way i get to continue learning.... although I'm not sure how interested most of you will be in the women and, their lives, of late antiquity.... Maybe the femal slant on a few issues will add to the debate... who knows!
  8. Aphrodite

    BBC Ancient Rome: New Docudrama's

    I never get to watch this as my housemates have no interest in history... i made them sit through a documentary on churchills involvement in the war in greece once and they weren't too happy lol.... Its america's next top model, will and grace, freinds and corination street all the way in our house! Oh well, i read history all day long, write it all night long so TV is a form of light entertainment for me. I can buy the DVD when i'm working and missing my historicalness!
  9. Aphrodite

    Why Do You Like Rome?

    I prefer bronze age greece
  10. Hey guys... check out the latest of my books I am selling on... a few interesting ones on the Late Roman army for all you military lovers, especially interesting for those of you looking to see a different side of what is traditionally seen as 'the' roman army. Also a little paperback on the clothing of the roman army, great illustrations and a good accompaniment to the duller academic novels on the market. Plus a good academic book on Pompeii, which would be perfectly combined with Robert Harding
  11. Aphrodite

    Why Is History Written?

    Because we are all curious about where we comefrom, and associations with greatness!
  12. Aphrodite

    Bonfire Night!

    Its bonfire night on Nov5th... and my uni is having the huge fireworks display tonight, but i'm missing it and staying in the library as i have too much work to do on my dissertation to go to the funfair For those of you who are not familiar with bonfire night, we celebrate each year the foiling of the gunpowder plot to blow up the houses of parliment, the result of which was Guy Fawkes being burned to death. It is tradition to let off fireworks and have a big bonfire, and to burn a 'guy' on the bonfire. This is basically a man that you make in the same way as a scarecrow... although its more of a thing for kids to make the guy and by now its probs been banned for resons of political correctness Anyway, on bofire night we all go down to bonfires and eat toffee apples and roast chestnuts! I just wish Guy had tried to blow up parliment in the summer...
  13. I love the decadence of the Byzantine era, when i read i can't help but picture gold, mosiacs, rich fabrics.... I like the transfer of the empires centre and looking at the effects of the rise of a new religion. I must say though that the new and prudish attirude of the religion was somewhat of a turnoff - where was dioyonisus when you needed him!
  14. Aphrodite

    The Date Of Christmas

    Constantines family, notably his father and him, were worshipers of the sun god. Constantines coin has both christian (the symbol) and sun god (the latin phrase i think) references. The main theory on Christmas i will throw into the pot is that Constantine chose the time of the Winter Solstace for the major religious festival of the new religion for two reasons: 1. To honor his personal (if not public) continuation of sun god worship. 2. To gently coax pagans into christian traditions - keeping the major festival at the same time as the solstace would mean the people felt some famliarity and were not as resistant to change.
  15. Aphrodite

    What Profession?

    I am female.... I don't fancy being a vestal virgin, And i'm not that religous so the priestess of jupiter is out.... so I guess my profession will be that of a matron! I think I would be happy in this role though! I would make it my career to marry well and be a good wife and reap the benifits!