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    And now the HBO series ROME has started an intense thirst for knowledge concerning all things ancient.

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  1. Likewise. I wouldn't call it overlooked (In fact it's probably the most debated historical mystery there is) but I'd love conclusive proof of Richards guilt/innicence. LOCH NESS MONSTER Tourism! The great Lochs litter western Scotland. Most are left alone (you can find your own loch for a few days) but Loch Ness is always full of coach parties buying Loch Ness Monster cups, pencils tea-towels, baseball caps, T-Shirts......... Its the one loch I avoid!
  2. spittle


    Did anyone watch this documentary (BBC2 Sat 19th July 8pm)? I caught the last ten minutes of what looked like it had been an excellent documentary.
  3. spittle

    Mark Antony's speech at Caesar's funeral

    After Brutus gave a very academic and dry speach (that went completely above the heads of most of his listeners) Mark Antony used theatre to enrage the audience by revealing Caesars blood stained toga and inciting riotous revenge in the listening crowd. If you google 'Mark Antony speach after death of caesar' you'll find what your looking for.
  4. spittle

    Who Killed Germanicus?

    I firmly believe that natural causes killed Germanicus. After years in Western Europe he travelled to Syria and Armenia where he would have been exposed to bacteria and contagion for which he had little natural immunity. The idea of the infant Gaius (Caligula) frightening his superstitious father to death is pure fiction. I could be wrong about this but I think the idea was never even mentioned before Robert Graves used it in his fictional work I, Claudius.
  5. spittle

    Was Jesus Caesar?

    I'm looking forward to his next book 'The Life of Elvis Hitler'.
  6. spittle

    Trial of Sextius Roscius

    Very enjoyable. It seems to me that the worst thing a person could be (in a Roman court) was a non-Roman. The re-enactment was pro-Cicero but, reading between the lines, he emphasized Crysogenus's (sp?) Greek slave past. I read an account of another trial where the advocat pointed out that one man was born and raised in Rome and the other had been born in Spain. The court found for the former, despite everything pointing to the other persons argument being just and truthful.
  7. spittle

    Help me choose which book to read next

    Persian Fire is excellent. Nearly as good as Rubicon (and I was never even interested Greece!).
  8. spittle

    We Need an Oil Glut

  9. spittle

    We Need an Oil Glut

    In the UK a litre of petrol is around
  10. spittle

    Learning Latin, the best approach

    The reviews on Amazon.com are more favourable to the Oxford Latin Course than the Cambridge one. I'm learning Polish and after ten two hour lessons in a local college one is lucky to be able to order a large coffee (I know from comparing experiences with other learners) but after a few one to one lessons with a teacher over an internet skype connection the foundations for learning this very difficult inflected language are starting to fall into place. With Polish the grammar is the key. This makes the shortcut style of Rosetta Stone little more than an aid for learning extra vocab and practising pronounciation. No one could learn Polish to any useful standard using Rosetta Stone alone. I suspect the same could be said of Latin. But if you want it don't spend good money on it either buy a copy from e-bay (as I did) or bit-torrent it (as my friend explained I could have, after I'd spent
  11. spittle

    The Heritage of Roman Names

    Are Patrick/Patricia offshoots of Patrician?
  12. spittle

    Happy Birthday Rome

    Will those portaloo's have modern toilet paper or will the re-enactors share a sponge on a stick, for realism?
  13. spittle

    Anglo Saxon migration to Britain

    tsk, tsk! Geoffery. How could you!
  14. spittle

    US electoral system explained

    Do single issue parties (pressure grioups) ever have surprise victories under the American system?
  15. spittle

    Pompey the Great? Or Pompey the Mediocre?

    "..he wasn't arrogant enough to cause a civil war for his 'dignity'...." Didn't contemporaries of Caesar/Pompey have a saying that 'Caesar could not stand a superior and Pompey could not stand an equal'?