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  1. Is that from Roman times? It looks like Northwestern Mideival head armour to me.


    Something I found interesting and please tell me if I am generalizing here.


    Do you notice back then that nations that were undeveloped like: Gaul, Germania, and Britania are now the most advanced in the world? Also, areas diregarding the Euro: Italy, Greece, and the Middle East are not that developed but was considered the most developed in its day?


    Perphaps a changing of the guards.

  2. lol, we're basically the opposite from that standpoint. However you're artistic ability will serve you a lot better than my handwriting. My friends make fun of me because I am a boy who writes neat. However it's small and I don't make weird curves and don't change my writing style in the middle of writ


    I hope it will serve me some day...


    Anyways you're art work is a lot better. If those weird critics judge right you're art work is MUCH better than Picasso.

  3. You can draw really well. I can't draw if my life depended on it, and I'm really being serious. I've been told my handwriting is like a typewriter's.


    I guess you either have the cilography or artistic touch.

  4. Oh yes, I love birds! They are magnificent animals. I have a loving bird of my own. Did you know they are the only animals who have feathers?


    The female bird of mine killed my male bird. The male stepped into the nest where all the eggs were, and the female repeatedly pecked it on the head until it died. Ho hum...Darn, now it's lonely but I let it out a lot.