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    Latin speakers website

    Note that a Greek forum has been added to Latin speakers, if anyone out there knows Greek and wants to do something with it, the Geek part of Latin speakers will certaily be filled with my questions, if not thousands of other questions from fellow Greeks. Thanks for anything you can contribute in advance.
  2. Quintus

    Clashes with Norsemen

    I won't pretend to be any kind of expert on Roman history, but I remember reading somewhere that the Goths came from Scandinavia, and the Romans certainly shed blood with Goths, but I don't know how much you would consider Goths 'Norse'. To me they're all the same, I cherish the stereotypical view of the barbarians who drank too much, loved violence and scorned everything beautiful...to me they're all the same.
  3. Quintus

    Latin speakers website

    Thanks for joinging up! We can certainly help, if all else fails, I know Latin so I can answer all your grammar questions...mostly
  4. Quintus

    Etruscans in Rome

    I knew I wouldn't get away with that! Thanks, Gaius. Fortunately my Latin grammar is better than my English. For the sake of argument, most of the history books I've read seem to take the tale of the kings as myths, and archaeology finds very few Etruscan artifacts in Latium. I'm not saying that this says that the Etruscans were never in Rome, I'm just laying out the facts I've been able to unearth. If some one had something a bit more persuasive... P.S. Ha! caught a spelling mistake. That was for you, Gaius.
  5. Quintus

    Latin speakers website

    Were sorry about your picture. I'll get my more technologically inclined partner on the job as soon as possible, quaestor. However, and I've probably mentioned this before, when it comes to computers I'm about as good as the Romans I like to study. Now siege craft... We really need everybody we can get at this point, FVC. I know speaking Latin is hard, but I'm sure it will help your Cicero translations. After all, practice makes perfect.
  6. Quintus

    Calling all ancient Greeks

    Thanks for the advise! (I hate school with a sleepy passion)
  7. Quintus

    Etruscans in Rome

    Just thought I would throw the question out, did the Etruscans occupy Rome at one time or another early on? Oops, just noticed the misspelling of Etruscans, sorry about that. I don't know how to change it.
  8. Quintus

    Calling all ancient Greeks

    Sorry about that , in my defense it was a little late when I wrote that and I was only half conscious, but even when I am awake, I'm a pretty terrible speller. Tell me if you catch anything else, it helps me. By the way, thanks for the Saturnalia present, my understanding of the whole result clause thing is still a bit foggy, but it's getting better.
  9. I like the early republic. Everyone was so zealous about the good of the state and so on and so forth. Once you step past the punic wars people become alot more self centered. Mabey I'm just talking nonsense, but that's the generally how I see things from what I've read.
  10. Quintus

    Latin speakers website

    The site is made for people learning the language. This is only my second year also.
  11. Quintus

    Calling all ancient Greeks

    I couldn't find any Latin constructions like this, the Romans seemed to clump it all together into purpose clauses. Mabey natural result is like a result clause in Latin and actual result is like the regular purpose clause, but that's just a theory I have. If anyone has anything to say about memorizing the dative plural of the third declension I could use that too, I'm utterly and completely confused now.
  12. Quintus

    Latin speakers website

    Numa Pompilius has just created a UNRV type forum just for Latin. I like it and it will be tremendously useful and fun for anybody learning Latin. For those who have already learned Latin it is a great way to keep the language alive and keep the declensions in your head. here is the adress: http://s11.invisionfree.com/LatinSpeakers/index.php By the way, the situation at Latin speakers is pretty sad right now, we've got two members and we're both admins!
  13. Quintus

    Calling all ancient Greeks

    Thanks for protecting me from the corruption of FVC, Octavius. Although I want to learn modern Greek eventually, I'm already confused enough learning ancient greek. If anyone knows anything about the result clauses question above, please tell me! It's a real obstacle and the only companion I have is a 50 year old greek text book entitled a new introduction to greek
  14. Quintus

    abyssus bonus populus

    Sole cupivi dicere linguam Latinam cognotam a viris feminisque aliis qui linguam anglicam non sciant. Multine multaeque in Italia Latinam intelligunt? Quoque non dico in Latina in ludo, lego et scribo. Sed tempto uti Latina quam saepissime possum, amo linguam.
  15. Quintus

    The third declension locative

    O.K., that's all cleared up. Thanks!