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  1. suzhannah

    Spectacle in the Roman World

    Please let me be lucky this time. Thanks you.
  2. suzhannah

    ROME: CAPUT MUNDI Capitol of the World

    I'm out of the closet now...and loving it. Thank you. I'll let everyone know what I think after I enjoy the DVD thoroughly. Thank you, again. guy also known as gaius Hey GUY GGGG GAIUS Many congrats. Enjoy xx
  3. suzhannah

    ROME: CAPUT MUNDI Capitol of the World

    It is a pity we do not know who won, as non of us r anonnymuos & we all posted our id's and asked to be included, any chance we know the name of the winner?? only want to congratulate. Thanks
  4. suzhannah

    ROME: CAPUT MUNDI Capitol of the World

    Oh yes please include me it is my fav city in the whole world. Thank you
  5. As I understand it, this tomb is some 50km outside Alexandria http://www.cbc.ca/world/story/2009/04/19/c...ark-antony.html It would be remarkable to find the tomb of Cleopatra, but i would be over awed if they are digging just outside of Alexandria, that they may at last discover the body of Alexandra the great after Antiochus nicked it. Of course, no evidence to support he is laid to rest there, however, we can only remain hopeful. A word on preservation. It is likely that if Cleopatra's tomb lay underwater, that artifacts could be preserved, just look at what they are still dredging out of the Black sea intact. Am living in hope again of course.
  6. suzhannah

    Musical Musings

    "Heck, I still believed I could be a rock star back then. That's how optimistic we were. Of course we didn't have Simon Cowell to puncture our dreams back then. I therefore deduce that Mr Cowell is single-handedly responsible for destroying music as we know it. He is the anti-christ (Sorry Ozzy, love the music, but you're only the Prince of Medium Greyness)" Whilst i do agree with your comments on how good the music was, am sorry to disappoint you, but Mr Cowel was very much a part of the music scene even then. He may have had a shared office up twisting back stairs at the end of old bond street, but, he had just stopped going out with Sinitta and produced 'so macho', she ran off with David Essex as she was doing a musical with him and he (simon) ran off with my flat mate, a nice leggy model called Lisa. His tastes have never changed, he goes for the same type of women and i have to say his personality has never changed. Simon was the same in the 80's pushing his career and record label. I always found him charming and honest, so, i see no difference in him now. Yes he can be a wee bit too honest, but seriously, he has always been the same way, its not an act. Yes he does have an inflated ego, but he is nice with it too. I promise you he was just the same and just as involved in many of the 80's hits am afraid as he is today. So, you'll have to find someone else to blame for the brutal sounds on the radio today lol. with love, suz
  7. suzhannah

    Happy Augustus Day!

    Hi there, would you mind giving me your reference for below, thanks, suz {The Kalendas of Sextilis (later August), DCCXXIV A.U.C. (30 BC), during his own fourth consulship (with L. Saenius) and the 187th Olympiad, Octavius (later Augustus) captures Alexandria. }
  8. Antony wanted him dead, Octavian stood by and allowed it. And even though, Cicero was always somewhat of a manipulator himself, ie egging on Brutus and Cassius amongst others. but, did he stand for the old republic in earnest or was he just thinking of himself when he wrote about his sadness at missing the 'feast' on the Ides of March. Would be interested to know what people think of his wranling with Antony, his dreadful put down in the Phillippics and his mistaken trusting relationship with the young Octavian. Thanks Suz
  9. suzhannah

    Identify this statue of Augustus for me?

    Sorry if i was wrong about the Capitoline Museum, it obviously reminded me of something else! This statue has it looks like, the Pima Porta (Musei Vaticani, Rome) under the cloak. There is nothing in Ramage and Ramage (foremost experts on Art and Architecture). If you can bare to wait until August, I will see an expert on this period and let you know further. regards Suz.
  10. suzhannah

    Identify this statue of Augustus for me?

    [quote name='Julia C
  11. suzhannah

    Principate Focus Group

    thanks primus, had Suetonius on list but my prof thinks it a bit late/not so reliable. Dio Cassius on my list tho. thanks for other titles. off to get new glasses for excessive reading this summer suz
  12. suzhannah

    Principate Focus Group

    Don't discount Suetonius as a source for Augustus' character. His biography is loaded with the sort of information that should help you. Tacitus, Nicolaus of Damascus and even Dio Cassius should also offer some additional insight. Here are a few more suggestions: Augustus (Roman Imperial Biographies) by Pat Southern The Power of Images in the Age of Augustus by Paul Zanker (if anything will provide evidence of Augustus' "self-representation", this is it) The Age of Augustus by Werner Eck Augustus: The Life of Rome's First Emperor by Anthony Everitt The Sons of Caesar: Imperial Rome's First Dynasty by Philip Matyszak Augustus: Godfather of Europe by Richard Holland
  13. suzhannah

    Principate Focus Group

    hi all, well am starting my summer reading up for my dissertation on Octavian/Augustus. I include my reading list, but welcome any other books, papers etc that you know of to help with this topic. I aim to cover the 19 year old Octavian's rise to power and how he sustained it and did a great job of becoming the father of peace and first Emperor. My angle would be to cover the man's character/thoughts etc, but this has so far come up as a dead end, because we just do not have any evidence of psychology in that era. So, I am attempting to look at Octavian/Augustus 'self representation'. Obviously i dont want to drag out the Res Gesta alone, it is simply not enough. so here is the reading list.: Baker, Golden age of Rome Stockten, Cicero, Last chapters Rawson, Cicero a Portrait L.P. Wilkinson, Cicero's Letters something in Virgil's Ecologues III Am also looking at, Mark Anthony, re Cicero's death (because Augustus allowed this) and the rebellion by mark anthony's brother, persui mar. Battle of Sextus Pompay in Sicily. Also first arrival to defeat the rebellion in Sicily. Any other info you think i could use, greatly appreciate. If anyone would like a copy of the dissertation in september when it is finished, be glad to pass it on. am 3/4 of way thru the MA, passed the dreaded Latin, thank god! sorry i wont be able to add much to this forum until after sept. Glad its kept going tho. Well done URSUS. Regards, Suz.
  14. suzhannah

    Principate Focus Group

    Sorry about last post and the many typo's, never had my glasses on suzhannah.